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Whether if you are tired of the 4X4 look, or if you want improved handling for high-performance driving, then it might be time to graduate to some coil overs. Here at RallySport Direct we carry a large catalog of coil overs for various makes and models and we carry a large variation of coil overs designed for racing, high-performance driving, or if you simply want to lower the center of gravity and provide your vehicle with a stanced look. Okay but what about coil overs versus lowering springs? Lowering springs come in a fixed rate, they are simply a direct replacement of your factory springs which will lower your car to a pre-set level. Now this will still improve handling, and they will usually retain the OEM ride quality, however, if you wanted to go lower, then you would have to resort to a coil overCoilovers depending on the design can lower from an adjustable spring perch, or you can thread the body of the strut into the lower mount to lower or even raise the ride height to your liking. Some coilovers will come with their own set of top hats to be a direct drop-in fitment, or they may require you to retain your OEM top hats.  If you need guidance on what coil over to purchase, then you may be interested in a set of Teins, but we also carry other top of the line brands from the likes of KW, Ohlins, HKS, and Cusco.  And if you want an affordable coil over to complement your latest set of wheels, then we carry a great selection from Apexi, BC Racing, Pedders, ST Suspension among other quality brands.  Be sure to check out our other great selection of suspension control products when you want to maximize the handling and performance out of your vehicle. 

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