Strut Tower Bars

Looking for a simple way if improving the handling with your vehicle without extensive labor and cost rates? Then adding a strut tower bar would be a great option. Strut tower bars reduce chassis flex under high-speed cornering to improve handling and make the car a little more predictable for driver feedback. Additionally when having a strut tower bar installed on a high-speed corner, both towers of the suspension will share the force of the turn rather than having all of the force leaning against the outer wheel while turning. This applies for both front and rear strut tower bars. Any side will improve the integrity of your chassis.  Strut Tower Bars will improve handling on cars equipped with stock suspension, and it will even supplement the handling on cars with over the top suspension systems. RallySport Direct carries a great selection of Strut Tower Bars from the likes of  Cusco, Whiteline, Carbing, Grimmspeed, and Beatrush among many other brands. You can choose from many different styles, colors, and bar types to suit your car. While you're in the business of improving your chassis, check out our great selection of chassis bracing products, and make sure you check out our suspension combinations for those of you who want to take your handling to the next level. 

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