Bushing Kits

Whether if you have reached a certain mileage, or you feel that you car isn't as comfortable as it used to be, then it may be time to upgrade your bushings. RallySport Direct offers a wide variance of bushings for your vehicle. If your shifting is feeling a little loose or sloppy, then we have several shifter bushings, and if you want to improve the overall shifting feel there are shifter and bushing combinations. If your WRX has sloppy side to side play, as or excessive forward and backward movement, then these bushings will certainly address that issue. RallySport Direct also carries a large selection of transmission and differential bushings. If your STI is making a clunking noise and you can't exactly pinpoint the location, then you could be the differential support bushings. You can choose from several offerings brought to you by the likes of Kartboy, as well as Whiteline. You can get new gearbox bushings, transmission cross member bushings, as well as rear differential bushings. Give your car that solid feel again like it had when it drove off the showroom floor for more confidence and better feedback while driving. 

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