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Air Suspension

The first big Spring car meet is here. You show up early and watch as all the cars pile into the parking lot. All of a sudden all of the cars are dropping onto their frames. WHATS GOING ON!! What is this air noise, and why are these cool cars dropping so low? I want my car to be this low! Well now you can. See, at RallySport Direct. we carry a great selection of Air Lift Suspension products so you can be apart of the low life too. But make no mistake, Air Lift Suspension Products don't have the inherent harshness of coilovers. You can have a comfortable ride around town and forget that ou are even on modified suspension. You can put the settings to tailor to your driving style, and adjust the shocks from soft for daily driving duties, or you can set them to stiff while participating in competition events. These are air shocks powered by a switch and an air compressor. But before you install an Air Lift Suspension Kit, make sure that the rest of your suspension components are up to par. Find camber bolts, adjustable lower control arms, and front roll center kits in the Suspension Adjustment section. And for those getting super aggressive wheels and want to lower the car as much as possible, check out the parts in the Caster Adjustment section, and the Camber Bolts and Arms.

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