Exhaust Heat Shields

Although some engine bays are suitable for a pizza oven, it's probably not a good idea. And the turbocharger does generate enough heat to melt or damage surrounding components. With that said, if you or someone prior to your ownership installed a downpipe and forgot to either put the factory heat shield back on, or the factory heatshield would not work with that downpipe, then it's going to be okay. Here at RallySport Direct, we carry a great selection of turbo heat shields for that Subaru in your life. We carry a great selection from the likes of COBB Tuning, Grimmspeed, PERRIN, and Nameless Performance are among the brands.  And if you drive an Evo 8 or 9, then we have a beautiful Tomei unit you can check out.  While you're trying to cool the turbo, be sure to check out our massive selection of Heat Insulation and Heat Wrap products There you can find that awesome DEI gold reflective tape. And if you don't want a heat shield and maybe have a custom rotated setup then you can check out one of the many cool PTP Turbo Blankets and get the insulation you need.

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