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Heat Isolation & Heat Wrap

Rallysport Direct carries a huge selection of Heat Isolation and Heat Wrap Products. The cooler your engine can be, the better. There are several different types of products and black magic available to keep your engine bay from turning into a fiery inferno. There are items such as gold reflective tape that you can bond to your firewall, there's turbo blankets, wire insulation, heat coatings, header wraps, all of the coolest things with pun intended to control those underhood temps. For example, if you drive a Subaru WRX/STI, you know that the turbocharger stays close to the top mount intercooler and eventually causes heat soak. A turbo blanket can help with that. Plus you have vulnerable components such as fuel lines, wiring, and then you have the exhaust manifold which cooks everything. At RallySport Direct there are multiple pages of cooling items from the likes of DEI, Mishimoto, PTP Turbo Blankets, PERRIN, Thermo Tec, and many other brands. Did you put a tubular exhaust manifold on the Mitsubishi Evo? Get the DEI Reflect -A-Gold laminated glass cloth and cover that valve cover. Then cover the hotside on the turbo with the PTP Turbo Blanket. If you h ave a Subaru STI then wrap that exhaust manifold with the DEI Titanium Exhaust/Header Wrap. All of the possibilities are available at RallySport Direct. Don't be like one of those vehicles in Phoenix that spontaneously combust.  And when shopping for these products, make sure you have a look at our great selection of exhaust heat shields, and even other cooling aspects such as radiators, and electric fans.

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