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If you frequent your weekend cars and coffee events, or if you participate in your local large car meets, everyone wants to have a gander at the engine bay especially if the EXTERIOR of your vehicle is dressed top to bottom. From the factory, your engine looks just like every engine that looks Read More

If you frequent your weekend cars and coffee events, or if you participate in your local large car meets, everyone wants to have a gander at the engine bay especially if the EXTERIOR of your vehicle is dressed top to bottom. From the factory, your engine looks just like every engine that looks the same with other makes and models of your vehicle. And engine modifications such as radiator hoses, or intercooler hoses can only look cool for so long, but what if you can add more color and carbon fiber to your engine bay?

Welcome to the engine dress-up section. This is where you get to make the engine in your daily driver or weekend show car stand out with more color and better aesthetics with improved function for performance. You're going to find powder-coated everything, anodized everything, and carbon fiber everything in terms of engine covers, radiator shrouds, hardware, and all the fun things in between. The factory engine bay looks like every single engine bay of the same year make and model as yours that rolls off the assembly line. Now is your chance to customize the overall theme to your liking. 


ALTERNATOR COVERS: These are some of the most popular visual enhancements in the engine bay due to the fact that the factory alternator cover is a small plastic bland-looking piece. We carry a large selection of upgrades brought to you by the most familiar brands that include the likes of GrimmSpeed, PERRIN, and COBB Tuning among several other quality brands. There are several aluminum options that are available in a variety of powder-coated choices to add more color to your engine bay. And there are carbon fiber options to provide your engine bay with a highly modified look. All of the options will have more coverage to provide extra protection for your hands if you are looking at the engine while running, and from road debris while driving. 


ENGINE COVERS: Like alternator covers, these will serve a very similar purpose which is to replace your factory engine cover with a quality replacement that provides your engine bay with more color and aggressive styling. There are options for many makes and models, and aside from powder-coated aluminum options, there are several options that feature the latest in carbon fiber design, including forged carbon fiber. From multi-piece kits, coil covers, and everything else in between, this is one of the simplest means of enhancing the look of your engine bay. 


RADIATOR SHROUDS: Not only do these really enhance your engine bay, but they do serve a few purposes. The main purpose behind the design is to make sure the incoming air makes the most efficient contact with the face of your radiator or front-mount intercooler. This will ultimately improve the overall cooling efficiency as the air would otherwise be deflected. Not only do these improve the overall engine bay aesthetics, but some of us place tools on them as we are performing maintenance (do this at your own risk you will still lose your 10mm). All of our options are brought to you by nearly 20 of the most trusted brands in the performance industry, and many options and designs to choose from to customize your engine bay to your liking. 


BOLT REPLACEMENT: Some of our beloved models are 20+ years old, and if you are in the process of restoring the engine bay with a fresh rebuild with all new hoses and engine covers, another extra measure to take is to replace the exposed hardware. We carry engine bay dress-up bolts and some of which are titanium. We carry different color options to replace your old hardware to prove a fresh look to your engine bay that will be appreciated by fellow enthusiasts with an eye for detail. 


HOOD DAMPERS: Not only do these provide a cleaner look in the engine bay when your hood is lifted at your weekend cars and coffee, but they make performing maintenance easier for those equipped with a factory hood prop. With hood dampers, this will allow you to freely move around the engine bay without having to bump into the hood prop which can knock the hood loose making you curse aloud. We have direct replacement struts, and we have aftermarket kits that include the required brackets and hardware to make them ready for the installation. Additionally, we have carbon fiber options, and even carbon fiber options available in different carbon colors to improve the overall engine bay aesthetics. Choose from several of the most established brands in the aftermarket industry for many makes and models in the sport compact industry.


OIL CAPS: Probably the easiest means of adding a little more style and customization to your engine bay. But here's the thing, because your engine goes through several heat cycles, your plastic oil cap can become brittle enough to where it will break apart. Sometimes the plastic shell will just completely break apart into pieces. This is more prevalent if your oil cap stays on for prolonged times. Meaning that you get your oil changed once a year and you only drive your vehicle a few thousand miles only during the warm months. Or you may live in a warmer climate where your engine bay temps can be much warmed than usual which causes the plastic to endure several hotter-than-usual heat cycles. You also have to be careful because the spring design integrated into the oil cap can relieve too much pressure. We carry several upon several different oil cap designs all brought to you by the most familiar names in the aftermarket. There is going to be a major variety of powder-coated and anodized options, grip options, and design options all of which will add more color and style to your engine bay, with the simplest means of installation. Choose from the most popular brands such as COBB, PERRIN, GrimmSpeed, or Tomioka just to name a few, and you can choose exclusive JDM oil caps for those who want that extra special part in the engine bay. Many options to choose from over the bland-looking OEM oil cap. 


DRESS-UP CAPS: Like oil caps, these have been designed to replace the bland-looking OEM fluid caps with many different available options and colors. Many anodized and powder-coated options, and many different grip styles,  from complete replacements, and snap-ons that fit over your existing cap, will increase your engine's aesthetics with more style and color. All of these are very simple to install and can be performed in minutes. 


That's right, your engine deserves more carbon fiber, more anodized and powder-coated options, and more protection and cooling efficiency. Aside from improving the looks of your engine bay, radiator shrouds will increase the cooling efficiency. Engine and Alternator covers add more protection coverage when compared to your factory-issued engine covers. And speaking of more protection, the BOOST CONTROL SOLENOID COVERS protect your solenoid from the heat from your engine bay while adding a little more color and style. Other options you should consider are the RADIATOR STAYS which are direct replacements for your factory boring-looking units, and even DIPSTICK HANDLES can add more color to your engine bay. All of the options are available to allow you to customize your engine bay the way you want to stand apart from any stock-looking engine bay.