Alternator Covers

For those of you who drive a Subaru, you know that that the factory alternator cover is one of the saddest looking objects in the engine bay. Although it may be functional, it is a design that lacks flavor, style, excitement, and it probably tastes like plastic. Now you can do something about it and break free from your comfort zone and choose from many of the wonderful options at RallySport Direct.  You can choose from more than 8 manufacturers which include Grimmspeed, Beatrush, COBB Tuning, Killer B Motorsport, PERRIN, and Carbing Craft among others. You can choose from aluminum covers, carbon fiber covers, you can also choose from many different color options to go along with the theme of your engine bay. Want to match the intake manifold on your Subaru STI? Get the PERRIN Red Belt Cover. Want a completely different look in the engine bay of the Subaru WRX? Choose the Beatrush Gold Pulley Cover. And if you want a classy clean look for the Subaru BRZ, get the Carbing Craft Carbon Fiber Alternator Cover. When shopping for alternator covers, make sure you check out the rest of our engine dress up accessories such as our great selection of radiator shrouds and accessories,  as well as the battery tie downs and trays, and you could even upgrade your oil cap while you're at it. 

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