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The exterior section of RallySport's website gains just as much traction, if not more traction when compared to the performance section of the website. That is because in the exterior section., we carry every imaginable aesthetic upgrade that will improve the form and function of your Subaru, your Nissan 350/370/GTR, your A90 Supra, your Mustang, your Evo, and for sRead More

The exterior section of RallySport's website gains just as much traction, if not more traction when compared to the performance section of the website. That is because in the exterior section., we carry every imaginable aesthetic upgrade that will improve the form and function of your Subaru, your Nissan 350/370/GTR, your A90 Supra, your Mustang, your Evo, and for several other makes and models in between. Because the only difference in the exterior of a vehicle when rolling off the assembly line is mainly the color. Now, you have the option to customize the exterior where you can add, or alter existing components to further improve the aerodynamic performance, or simply to show a reflection of your personal touch and how you would modify the exterior. If you're new here, or a new automotive enthusiast, let's discuss the purpose and function of some of the main components we have for you to enjoy. 


THE AERO SECTION: What makes aerodynamics so crucial to the overall success and function of a race car? There are several factors. Excluding actual purpose-built race cars such as Formula Indy cars which are all aero engineered, we are talking about production vehicles that win championship races. How does aero help these cars win races? For example, the Subaru WRX is very boxy when compared to something that is low and cuts through the wind such as a Lamborghini Huracan or something relatively exotic. An extreme example, but the WRX has the coefficiency drag of a large toaster oven. You take a Subaru WRX and add performance mods for a sanctioned weekend race at your local track such as a road course or a standing mile event. As you get to higher speeds, air will get beneath the vehicle causing the chassis to lift and cause high-speed instability. Many of us have seen videos on Youtube of that Porsche or Mercedes race car coming down the straight at Le Mans, and the car will all of a sudden do a backflip at 180+ mph. Now you're not going to backflip your WRX on a straightaway as it is too heavy, but these examples display the importance of downforce at higher speeds. 



SPOILERS AND WINGS: Rear spoilers and wings are one of the key exterior components especially if you have a track-dedicated race car, or rally car, or are involved in any sort of motorsport where your vehicle will reach higher speeds. These have been designed to help keep your chassis planted on the ground at higher speeds. Some of the wildest examples of aero on race cars would be on the vehicles that participate in time-attack racing. Many of these vehicles are built with a maximized power output, with as much weight reduction as possible. The result is a much faster vehicle as lighter equals faster. But when you add more horsepower, things can get dangerous when you can't keep the car on the ground. There are some videos on YouTube where there are race cars that lose their rear wing. One example is a time attack Mitsubishi Evo, and there is another clip of a classic Formula-One race car. Once their rear wings break, the cars immediately lose control. That's how much downforce they can create. The larger the rear wing, the more downforce it will generate. The more downforce you have, the more traction and aerodynamic refinement you will have. And by the way, it's not all about race cars. Rear spoilers are very beneficial for road legal vehicles such as the Mitsubishi Evolution and the Subaru STI. As a matter of fact, the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS was one of the first vehicles to implement a rear spoiler because the car is lightweight, very fast for the time, and it stabilized the chassis during high-performance driving conditions. And like the 911. the WRX and Evo are high-performance vehicles that have been proven to be capable of being competitive. With that being said, if you need more downforce, we have larger examples from the likes of APR made using carbon fiber and have been track-tested and proven on many race cars. And we simply have trunk spoilers for those of you that want a sleeker look on your daily driver. All of our examples are available in a variety of different styles and shapes. They will come in carbon fiber, and there are examples that are paint-matched and are brought to you by the most trusted brands in the automotive aftermarket. 



CANARDS: Canards, also referred to as dive planes will attach to the front bumper of your vehicle. This provides more downforce to the front end of your vehicle with more high-speed stability. These will usually come in a pair for each side, however, there are some models that have larger front bumpers with more surface area to cover. Some canard sets will be sold as a set of (4), and you would install (2) canards per side for a stronger effect. We have options made in carbon fiber or strong FRP construction to provide more refinement during higher speeds in your race car or rally car, and they will add a race-inspired look to your daily driver or weekend show car. 


DIFFUSERS: Some of us have been to a car show or may have seen these on a vehicle while on the road. What are those aggressive fin-looking things at the bottom of the rear bumper and what do they do? These are called diffusers. And here is a cosplay scientific explanation of the function of these. At higher speeds when you are blasting down a straight section at your local road course or passing the 330' mark at your drag strip, wind, and turbulent air is making a riot under your vehicle. Diffusers will guide that turbulent air under your vehicle to provide an efficient exit point and sport the air out of the rear. As the air gets channeled to the rear in a vacuum-like effect, the chassis will get pulled closer to the ground ultimately, creating more downforce. This is why you will see these in really aggressive designs in time-attack vehicles as aerodynamic function is highly utilized in this form of racing. We carry selections that are subtle and less aggressive. Just like the OEM unit that came in some STI models, we also carry muti-piece units that serve a purpose for those who are competitive.


VORTEX GENERATORS: Found in the same section as diffusers, but these deserve their own explanation. You may have seen on the Mitsubishi Evolution 9 models, these are the little fins that run across the rear roof line. And on the 06 STI models, these will appear as a roofline spoiler. Additionally, these are widely available on the aftermarket as they can be seen on many vehicles as an accessory. But they actually serve an aerodynamic purpose. What do the Mitsubishi Evolution and the Subaru STI have in common? That's right they both have a larger rear spoiler. The rear vortex generator has been designed to help control the air flowing over the roofline so that it makes more efficient contact with the top of the rear spoiler. Ultimately, this will generate more downforce. So if your vehicle is equipped with a factory rear spoiler, then the vortex generator will help increase the downforce at higher speeds. Because of these reasons, all of the vortex generators we carry are application-specific. 


FRONT WIND SPLITTERS: What makes a race car so attractive? You don't have to be a car enthusiast to see one in person and just stare at every angle as it simply won't let go of your eyes. Race cars are engineered to be as functional as possible to win at any cost within regulation. Because they travel at such high speeds and try to defy the laws of physics as a few drivers have only accomplished - Ayrton Senna being one of them, these driving techniques could not be accomplished without downforce. Downforce creates more control at higher speeds, and one of those main components of downforce is the front wind splitter. Virtually every race car will have some sort of front wind splitter incorporated into the design. Front wind splitters push the front nose down while reducing lift at higher speeds. If your race car is flying down the straightaway, and the rear wing or front wind splitter breaks off for whatever reason, the car would more than likely lose control. With that being said, these will offer more function than form, but they really do look good, and this is why they are very popular in car culture. Front wind splitters offer race-inspired looks and bring the appearance of the front of your vehicle closer to the ground if you want that aggressive look. We only carry the most trusted brands in the industry and many of which are crafted from carbon fiber. A household item on any enthusiast's daily driver, weekend show car, purpose-built race car, or rally car. 


SPOILER AND WING ACCESSORIES: If you need to enhance your rear spoiler or need replacement parts, this is the section. For example, we carry gurney flaps that really enhance the rear spoiler on the STI and that little piece alone makes a massive difference. It's the subtle enhancement that really changes the dynamic of this rear spoiler and gives it a real exclusive look. You also can find other items such as wing stiffeners that do as they are described, they stiffen the center blade so that it does not bow during higher speeds. Several great options for those of you who want to maximize the performance of your rear spoiler without resorting to a larger aftermarket option. 


BODY COMPONENTS:  Here, you are going to find a vast selection of exterior body components that serve a performance and an aesthetic function. If you want to customize your daily driver or weekend show car, you can find an option that will add more style, personality, and attention to your vehicle. However, the same components will add more aerodynamic refinement and downforce for those of you with a purpose-built race car. Many options are available to customize the vehicle the way you want. Let's discuss some of the more popular options, shall we?


HOODS: We have hoods on hoods. The majority of them are carbon fiber, but additionally, many are custom designed with strategically-placed vents to reduce the hot engine bay temperatures. This is highly beneficial for those of you who live in warmer climates or who participate in weekend track events where your RPM levels live in the upper range and all of your temps are in the upper range as well. We also carry OEM-style carbon fiber hoods for enthusiasts who want that race-inspired appearance. Carbon fiber will generally look great with all colored finishes, vinyl wraps, and everything in between, but you can paint match these to match the rest of the point on your body. 


FRONT LIPS: Arguably one of the most coveted exterior enhancements, front lips provide an aggressive look that makes the front bumper closer to the ground. We carry several different design options brought to you by the most established brands in the industry. Front lips will also add more downforce and stability during higher speeds, and these are some of the main reasons you see them on virtually every race car. You can choose from carbon fiber examples to fiberglass examples. We have front lips that are mild in terms of looks that provide a very streamlined look, and we have front lips that provide the front of your vehicle with a wider and more aggressive profile. 


SIDE SKIRTS: Now side skirts are a great way to provide the exterior with a slightly wider profile. It could be direct replacement side skirts or side skirt extensions. These will also work well with the rest of your body modifications in terms of function, as they also will provide stability at higher speeds. If you have wider wheels, side skirts will complement them. And especially if you have lowered suspension such as COILOVERS, side skits really fill in the gaps and provide the exterior with a completed look. From durable FRP or carbon fiber, we carry a great selection that will provide the exterior of your vehicle with a clean and custom look. 


TRUNKS: Trunks have become a great exterior modification for many enthusiasts. For some of you who enjoy weekend show events or love a custom look on your daily driver, you may have grown out of having a large wing, or you simply just want that wingless appearance. You can choose from an OEM-like rear replacement trunk, and we carry options that have an incorporated duckbill for a little more downforce. We carry carbon fiber options in a glossy or matte carbon look, all of which will look excellent with any color finish you've got on your vehicle. 


FENDERS: Fenders are another way to customize the exterior of your vehicle. From a wider profile for better wheel clearance, or with vents, custom fenders are quickly gaining popularity among the sport compact community as we are starting to see trends with modern supercars. With some of the latest high-profile cars such as the GT3RS, the Nismo R35 GT-R, or some Huracan models, we are seeing fender vents that serve a function and a purpose. The same technology is getting implemented in the aftermarket design of fenders so that you can have the same technology. For you, you can choose carbon fiber fenders if you want direct replacements. If you want to run a wider wheel and tire setup in the front, we have fender flares. And, we also have fender vent inserts for those of you who want to add more style and air relief to your existing fenders. Many great options to provide an exotic look to your vehicle. 


HOOD SCOOPS: Because this is a Subaru-centric website, of course, we are going to have hood scoops. All of them. However, in this section, you will also find a massive selection of custom vents to allow enthusiasts to increase the airflow in the desired area. Now the majority of the hood scoops will be made of carbon fiber which is awesome, and the custom vents will be available in either carbon fiber or aluminum. And like the custom vents, several hood scoops are made with custom designs with the main purpose and function, which is to draw in a larger volume of air to hit the surface of your intercooler or engine. The vents will certainly help release those hot engine bay temperatures to improve the overall cooling efficiency. All great exterior modifications that will add a little more customization with more cooling and airflow. 



So you will find other major components such as the SPOILERS AND WINGS in a different section. But for those of you who are really getting deep into exterior modification, you can also find a selection of ROOF COVERS. All of these will be in carbon fiber, and they will come as covers or direct replacements for those of you who are going to get serious. All of the components that we stock are brought to you by some of the most trusted brands in the industry and are suitable for all driving conditions. Choose the right components that reflect how you would build your own personal race car. 




EXTERIOR DRESS-UP: This is a great section for two key reasons. Enthusiasts will find smaller, and more affordable items to either customize the exterior way that satisfies your personal touch, or you will find items that will complete your vehicle. Secondly, perhaps you have a friend, a family member, or a loved one who is a car enthusiast and you're searching for a gift for their vehicle. Need ideas? We have you covered, so check out some of the items we carry below to further customize the aesthetic of your vehicle. 


AFTERMARKET GRILLS: This is a simple way to add a cleaner and more streamlined look to the exterior of your vehicle. However, the grilles that we offer are designed with form and function in mind by increasing the airflow to your radiator while offering a unique look. We have a vast selection of aftermarket grille designs that range from aluminum mesh, and we have grilles made from carbon fiber. All of these provide the exterior of your Subaru and other makes and models with a more desirable and unique look, while protecting your radiator from dangerous road debris. 


AFTERMARKET MIRRORS: From mirrors that provide you with improved visual coverage, to mirror accessories, and components to replace or upgrade your existing mirrors, this is the place. We carry mirrors that are convex that provide you with a wider field of view behind you. This can be very beneficial in traffic, or on the track. We also have mirrors in different colors that help reduce glare during night driving. We also have mirror accessories such as carbon replacement covers to provide that race-inspired look, and we also have carbon fiber replacement mirrors brought to you by APR for those of you who need to save a little extra weight on your race car. Many available options to suit your desires to improve the overall driving experience and customization of your vehicle. 


EXTERIOR GARNISHES: This is such a mass space to cover due to the wide variety of options and enhancements you can do to further customize the exterior of your vehicle. All of the things, including but not limited to carbon fiber license plate surrounds, carbon fiber rear exhaust finishers, bumper vent inserts, all of the overlays, all possible trim covers in all of the colors, and all of the carbon fiber. Carbon fiber fender inserts, duct covers, emblem surrounds, mirror covers, door handle covers and every little part in between that can be upgraded, all of the quality components are brought to you by the most familiar brands in the aftermarket that are available to further dress your vehicle to provide a unique look while adding more value and style. 


HORNS: Especially popular with the Subaru crowd because of the distinct look when hidden behind a custom aftermarket grille (see above). Aftermarket horns provide that rally-inspired look and were utilized in rally racing to warn gathering crowds ahead and to serve their purpose by alarming you when nearby. We carry a great selection of horns and horn kits brought to you by the likes of Hella, PIAA, and horn mounts and accessories to mount them to your Subaru, or other universal applications. These horns will generally be louder than your OEM horns and are available in a variety of different colors to provide the exterior with a little more customization. 


TOW HOOKS: These are very popular in car culture with weekend show cars, daily drivers, and purpose-built race cars. Because of these reasons, we carry a great selection of tow hooks and we have examples that are for show purposes only and can only handle light towing only, and we have tow hooks that actually serve a purpose. Tow hooks are required on race cars and rally cars in case you get stuck in the sand traps on your local road course, if you get stuck in the gravel, or if you simply break down and need a proper reference point to get safely on the flatbed. We have tow hooks in a great variety of designs as well as powder-coated finishes to suit the overall theme of your vehicle. Also, brought to you by the greatest brands in the industry that include but are not limited to the likes of Beatrush, PERRIN, Cusco, and Torque Solution. 


ORNAMENTS AND EMBLEMS: This is a very simple way to enhance the exterior of your vehicle with exclusive or unique looks. We carry JDM ornaments and emblems, we have a great assortment of ornaments and emblems in a variety of different colors. We have options available in carbon fiber, ornaments, and emblems for the front and rear bumpers, and fenders, and there are universal options that you can put virtually anywhere. All of the options are easy to apply, and will generally include automotive-grade double-sided adhesive for a peel-and-stick application. 


RAIN GUARDS: These are a great exterior upgrade. These provide the exterior with a slightly wider profile while serving a purpose by allowing you to slightly open your windows during a rain storm. This will allow fresh air into the cabin of your vehicle while reducing fog buildup. The majority of the rain guards that we carry will come in a dark transparent finish and will look excellent while being fairly simple to install. 


LIGHTING: When it comes to lighting, this is a component that has drastically accelerated in technology in the last decade. It all started in the early 90s when the BMW 7-series introduced another level of luxury by presenting the first vehicle to incorporate High-Intensity Discharge headlights. These were very fascinating during the time as they emitted a strong beam of light when compared to standard halogen bulbs, and created a bright white with a purple or blue lighting temperature. This technology was incredibly expensive to produce, and it was highly exclusive at the time, and you started seeing manufacturers such as Lexus use the same technology shortly after with a more purple high-intensity discharge headlight. Lexus was the first manufacturer who introduced LED lighting in their LS-series sedans dating back to as early as 2004. The main purpose was to drastically increase the lighting surface coverage which was highly effective throughout all weather conditions, without the risk of blinding other drivers that opt for their high beams in darker or harsher weather conditions. More than 30 years later, HID lighting technology and LED lighting technology have proven to be very popular, highly effective, and very available for most makes and models. However, there are some drawbacks as there are mass-produced cheap kits available with improper installation techniques where users do not adjust the beam of lights to point lower on lifted vehicles, and not properly checking to see if they have a consistent beam of light. When you install LED or HID kits, make sure you park in front of a garage door or wall and make sure your beam of light is not pointing too high as LED lights are also blinding other drivers on the road with improper adjustment techniques. Let's not ruin this amazing exterior option we have available with irresponsible installation methods, take the extra few minutes to make sure you're not blinding other surrounding drivers. 


HEADLIGHTS: As cars become newer, so does the lighting technology. Fortunately, we have the same technology available for our older makes and models, including several Subaru variants. In the headlight section, you can find a large variety of modern designs that provide the exterior of your Subaru with the latest looks with a more powerful beam of LED lighting. From lights with integrated daytime running lights, sequential turn signal functions, and built-in projectors, we have options that will greatly improve the lighting visibility for the driver while providing the exterior with a unique look. Choose from many established brands that offer an excellent plug-and-play option for your vehicle. 


FOG LIGHTS: Like headlights, many amazing variants and options are available for your vehicle. You can find OEM-like replacements and replacement housings, and you can upgrade to a brighter LED option that is also available in different color temperatures to improve your overall lighting surface coverage. Fog lights are a great option during harsh weather conditions where it can be difficult to see the lines on the roadways, and fog lights are highly effective during really dark conditions, and as the name suggests, fog. You will find replacement bezels, replacement lenses, replacement housings, and complete fog light kits to supplement the overall lighting power to the front of your vehicle. 


TAIL LIGHTS: Like headlights, we have a great selection of tail lights to further customize your vehicle the way you want to. What is really popular among newer exotic vehicles, are integrated C-lights. These are now available in some tail light options for several Subaru models. The biggest upgrade will be LED lighting technology that will provide a much more powerful beam of light during braking. It can be incredibly dangerous if you have a dull beam of brake lights and others cannot distinguish between your brake lights and parking lights. Other options include the likes of sequential turn signals and hyper-blinking. You can choose from different lens options in terms of color, you can choose from different housing colors, as well as different light bar colors. All of these are also available in different combinations. A great exterior upgrade that will enhance the overall theme of your vehicle.


REPLACEMENT BULBS: There are some of you who want to keep things factory and original with your vehicle, and that is completely fine, we have those options. One of the main reasons enthusiasts opt for an LED or HID option is that LED lighting technology consumes less energy when compared to a standard halogen bulb, while producing almost twice or if not more lighting power depending on the bulb. We have all of the options in several different bulb sizes for your applications. Many of these are plug-and-play, and some may need slight modification for fitment but certainly worth the effort when completed. You will see very established aftermarket lighting brands such as Diode Dynamics, Morimoto, and PIAA just to name a few, to replace any bulb in your headlights, fog lights, or a variety of bulbs that are available for your interior. 


AUXILIARY LIGHTING: For those with a rally build, or an overlander build, you will certainly have some sort of auxiliary lighting option on the exterior of your vehicle. In this section, you will find light bars, spot lights, and driving light kits. These will have the option of different beam variants from flood, spot, and wide-angle light beams. The main purpose of these lights is to drastically increase your lighting power when driving off-road where lighting is limited to non-existent, and you need the lighting power to see what is in front of you while staying on the trail and avoiding harmful debris. We carry options that will directly install on some Subaru models, and we have several aftermarket add-on options for those of you who simply want to increase your overall lighting power. Note that the majority of the auxiliary lighting options provide a very powerful beam of light, and should only be used responsibly and not in everyday traffic as the majority of these lighting options light high on your vehicle, and will make the visibility of other drivers in front of you very difficult. 


HID LIGHT KITS: This is a great option for enthusiasts who want a direct plug-and-play option and don't want to add more modify projectors, lighting housings, or entire headlight housings. HID kits will include everything needed to replace your standard halogen bulbs with direct replacement HID bulbs available in many different temperature colors, lighting ballasts, and all of the required lighting. HID kits generate a high-intensity beam of light that greatly increases the lighting coverage while providing your vehicle with the same technology utilized in many luxury and exotic vehicles. 


AUXILIARY BRAKE LIGHTING: This is a great option for those who want to add more style, customization, lighting power, and utility to the rear lighting of your vehicle. We carry many unique options that can combine brake lighting, reverse lighting, and fog lighting all in one package. We also carry different color combinations that will satisfy the overall exterior theme of your vehicle, while providing a race-inspired F1 look. All of the options we carry are brought to you by the most established brands in the automotive aftermarket, and these are available for the majority of desired Subaru models. 


LIGHT BARS / MOUNTING: Another growing popular upgrade especially for those of you building an overlander or off-road inspired vehicle. Light bars add more protection to the front of your vehicle from brush, debris from the trail, or if you simply want to make your vehicle look like another character in the movie, Mad Max. You can choose from a great variety of light bars, as well as the lights that have been designed to work with these light bars. A great option that adds a rugged off-road look that will look amazing on your lowered, stock-height, or lifted vehicle. 



ROOF RACKS: When going to a car meet, you will notice a handful of cars have rood racks which are also another item quickly gaining popularity, especially in the sport compact market. The cool kids really like the roof racks and they do serve a purpose and will be very useful if you use your weekend show car to go on a long trip or have a meet far away. We carry roof racks as well as roof rack components to outfit your vehicle to be able to carry more luggage on your next trip or to your next event. Below, you will find replacement components, roof rack parts, and kits to complete your setup.


BIKE ACCESSORIES: For many of us, cars are not the only passion we share in our spaces, and like cars, many of us started with bicycles. Here, you are going to find a great selection of bike accessories to allow owners to properly secure their mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, and any other form of bike that will fit on your roof rack. You will find accessories that include but are not limited to bike carriers, axle adaptors, spare wheel carriers, as well as other components to allow you to transport your bicycle safely on your next outdoor adventure. 


CARGO: From large cargo boxes to the transport basket, you will find them here. These are ideal for those of you who use your vehicle for frequent travels and need the extra cabin space for the rest of your occupants. These will carry a good amount of cargo if you're going camping, on vacation, on a road trip, and if you need to bring your clothes or other large objects. Additionally with the cargo boxes as opposed to having a basket, you get extra protection from the outdoor elements while being aerodynamically efficient to help you save on gas mileage. 


RACK KITS: We have several rack kits available that are application-specific to make the installation direct to your vehicle, and we have a few universal units for those of you who have a vehicle without a roof rack option. We only carry rack kits from the best in the business brought to you by Rhino Rack, and will include everything needed to allow you to add future rack options from biking or skiing equipment.


SNOW ACCESSORIES: If you drive a Subaru, Evo, or Focus RS, chances are that you wanted something fast, and fun, and can handle the winter seasons while you enjoy the next trip to your local favorite ski resort. In the Snow Accessories section, you will find the right components that will clamp down and support your skis and snowboards, and there is even an option for fishing rods during the summertime. Keep your interior clean of snow and have more space for your friends when you embark on your next adventure on the ski slopes. 


VEHICLE PROTECTION: Because the majority of all-wheel drive vehicles are rally-inspired, lowered, and well-cared for, you will need a little extra protection to add an extra layer of shielding to the exterior. One of the most common and popular exterior protection mods or upgrades is mud flaps. These provide the exterior of your vehicle with rally-inspired looks while protecting the lower portions of your paint from getting sandblasted from rocks, pebbles, and the elements of the road. Additionally, mud flaps will prevent you from flinging rocks to drivers behind you to prevent their windshields from getting chipped. Additionally in this section, you will find paint and light protection film to protect your lights and painted surfaces that are vulnerable to damage. Our beloved Subaru WRX, Mitsubishi Evolutions, Ford Focus RS models, and every other enthusiast=type vehicles feel like a last of a dying breed. It is important to properly maintain your vehicle and to preserve the exterior of your vehicle from damage that comes from everyday use. We carry a selection of products that will protect and prolong the condition of your vehicle for further years of use. 


BUMPER GUARDS / LIGHT GUARDS: These are a great option for those of you who are building an off-road or an overlander as the trail debris, tree branches, and unpredictable road surfaces can get the front of your vehicle into a situation. These bumper and light guards are made using strong steel construction and will come in both powder-coated and bare metal options for enthusiasts who want to choose their own color. The majority of these options will either come with lighting or will have mounting provisions for users to add rally lights or auxiliary lighting to their liking. This is also a great option for enthusiasts who desire that rugged off-road look and will complement those with SUSPENSION LIFT KITS installed on their vehicle. 


MUD FLAPS: Possibly one of the most popular selling items on the entire website. Mud Flaps gained notoriety when they hit the aftermarket to allow enthusiasts to achieve that rally car look found on your favorite rally car teams. Mud flaps serve many great purposes which include protecting the lower extremities of your paint from getting sandblasted. They are highly versatile on race cars as they prevent debris from getting picked up by hot and soft tire compounds. They are highly effective for rally racing or on the trail as they prevent large rocks and objects from getting slung out. They are awesome for those of you with larger wheels and tires for overlander builds as those deep chunky off-road treads will pack in mud, and will sling it everywhere once you're on the road's surface. And these are excellent for those of you with slammed weekend show cars as the wider your wheel and tire setup is, the more rocks, pebbles, and road debris you will pick up. You can choose from some of the most well-known brands such as Rally Armor and RokBlokz that have been engineered and thoroughly tested to know what to deliver to the customer. And we even have Subaru OEM replacements for those of you who want to keep things factory. Whatever the reason, mudflaps protect your car, and surrounding vehicles from damage caused by pebbles, rocks, and small road debris while providing an aggressive rally-inspired aesthetic. 


SKID PLATES: You have the parts mentioned above and what is the next step for your rally or overlander build? Get yourself a proper skid plate to protect the bottom of your engine from trail damage. With overlanders, driving on a trail, or if you have a purpose-built rally car, one of the most vulnerable engine components is the oil pan. If you bottom out on a tree stump, your front tires sling a large rock beneath your vehicle, or if you're going to work and you accidentally drive over a raised medium, you could penetrate your oil pan, leak lose oil pressure, and lose your motor. The skid plate options we carry, are made using heavy-duty aluminum or steel construction. These will provide good coverage under your vehicle to protect the most exposed areas of your engine if you drive on the trail, gravel, or any surface that has loose debris. These make for a great investment and are common items found on rally cars and other off-road vehicles where the suspension and chassis experience a lot of shock travel during higher speeds.


LIGHT / PAINT PROTECTION: It is hard sometimes to digest the fact that the USDM Subaru WRX arrived in 2002, and the Mitsubishi Evolution 8 debuted in 2003, followed by the USDM Subaru STI models back in 2004 with customers getting early acquisitions. Yes, this means a vehicle can go through a lot in 20 years. This also means that these rally-inspired platforms enthusiasts have grown to love and be inspired by throughout the years have become the last of a dying breed. The production of the Evolution models coming to an end and the next STI model is rumored to be an all-electric example. This could mean that we would no longer hear that flagship Subaru rumble coming out of the STI. And as some of us have grown older, we try our best to preserve what we have left by all means. In the light and paint protection section, you will find paint protection film, overlays, and covers to add another layer of protection to the vulnerable and exposed areas of your paint, as well as your lights. If you had just got your car repainted, paint corrected, or if you just got a new set of lights, this is a great way to preserve the overall condition of your vehicle. From Lamin-X and a large selection from some of the most established brands in the sport compact community, you will find a quality product in this section to customize and protect the exterior of your vehicle. 


This covers the majority of the exterior section. There is a giant library of products you can choose to mildly enhance your vehicle for a subtly unique look. And you will see that we carry components that will make your car suitable to endure a time attack event. But that's what makes modifying a very your way fun, this is what creates passion, this is what makes you get out of bed at 5 a.m. because, for many of us, vehicles are not a device used from getting to point A to B. These are an extension of our personality, and for some of us, cars can be a blank canvas where we can paint it a certain color, add the rarest set of wheels we can find, and get that exclusive JDM part you can only get overseas. All of these are available here, for you to make your vision a reality.