Radiator Shrouds

RallySport Direct offers a great selection of Radiator Shrouds and Accessories. Not only do Radiator Shrouds make for a great place to set your tools while you're wrenching, but they actually serve a purpose by keeping the incoming air directly hitting your radiator, rather than getting routed up into the engine bay. This improves the cooling efficiency for the engine and the radiator.  In the accessories section, you will find several covers for the boost control solenoid, several stylish alternator covers, and you will find a great variety of radiator stays. These engine covers and cover kits have been designed to add a little more flavor and a little more color to the engine bay. These covers will come in aluminum, or in carbon fiber, and will come in many anodized or powder-coated color combinations.  Dress up the rest of your engine bay by upgrading your oil cap, and make sure your battery is secured with the addition of an upgraded battery tie down and tray.   

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