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Interior Package Deals

A great selection of interior components and upgrade for your sport compact vehicle!

You worked hard, and just got yourself a new to you WRX. But there are some things that bother you such as the prior owner got caught up in the scene, and the car has this obscure shift knob, along with a shift boot that they most likely got from the local liquor store. On top of everything else, there is a boost gauge glued to the steering column and there is glitter  Read More ;everywhere. Now if you bought your car from a raver, it's not the end of the world. Here at RallySport Direct, we carry a great selection of Interior Package Deals that will restore the order in your car again.

For instance, if you wanted to update the interior of your BRZ, then check out the Interior Dress Up Kit. This kit allows the user to choose what kind of shift knob you would like, you can choose a beautiful Alcantara shift boot, and a nice handbrake boot. You also get to choose a new brake knob, as well as lockout lever. 

And if you want a nice streamlined look for the gauges in your WRX, you can choose which Air Fuel Ratio and Boost Gauge Cluster Kit which includes the mentioned gauges, and a steering column cluster to install them into. Now why an Air Fuel Gauge and a Boost Gauge? These are actually some of the most important gauges to have in a turbocharged vehicle. If your Air Fuel Ratios are out of range, then this can be an indication of a bad tune, a boost leak, a bad injector, and basically it can be used as a tool for diagnosing why you are running rich or lean. And it is certainly insurance for your motor because if you are running lean, you'll know to stay off the turbo until the issue is fixed. And of course, the boost gauge is also an important tool to let you know if you are hitting target boost numbers every time. 

With one of our Interior Package Deals, you can add value, style, and provide your car with a clean look that anyone can appreciate. And if your exterior can use some loving, check out the great selection of Exterior Package Deals to add more flavor to the ouside of your vehicle. And of course when you want more power, check out the selection we have on Engine Package Deals

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