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Engine Package Deals

If you are ready to start modifying your engine with packages that provide everything needed in stages then you will be pleased with a variety of Engine Package Deals at RallySport Direct. Engine Package Deals remove the hassle of trying to piece together parts needed to go Stage 1, Stage 2, or beyond. For example, we offer a great selection COBB Stage Kits for those of you who want to add real power and get real results. And some of these are power packages that will include a COBB Accessport, a Cold Air Intake, and an exhaust component. However, there are various other types of Engine Package Deals that add substantial amounts of power. For example, if you drive a Subaru BRZ, then you might be interested in a Cosworth State 2 Power Package which consists of a supercharger and Intercooler. Or if you drive a Ford Focus ST then the Stage 1 Kit will come with an intake, Accessport, and a motor mount to give the car an extra punch. And if you drive a Subaru WRX then COBB has several staged power packages to best suit your power goals.  When adding all this power to your engine, make sure that your fuel system can supply enough fuel to your motor, and that you have the proper drivetrain components  to put the power down.   

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