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Some of us have newer models and some of us have used models that are 5 years old or over 20 years old. It seems that new vehicles come standard with giant dash tablets and all of the creature comforts to make your driving experience about as comfortable as a 4-star hotel. If you're here, you don't have time to look at a giant screen especially if you're speRead More

Some of us have newer models and some of us have used models that are 5 years old or over 20 years old. It seems that new vehicles come standard with giant dash tablets and all of the creature comforts to make your driving experience about as comfortable as a 4-star hotel. If you're here, you don't have time to look at a giant screen especially if you're spending a weekend at your local track event, or if you are participating in a hill climb, spirited canyon drive, or if you're in a rally event. 

However, it is still nice to have the interior of your vehicle looking great. After all, like your home, you spend a lot of fo time inside your vehicle. What if you drive a 2005 STI? What if you drive an 03 Evo? Or a 2017 BRZ? You might notice the wear on your seat bolters. You may notice that the stitching on your shift knob or even on your steering wheel may have split. Your driver-side door card could have wear on some of the trim where your arms and elbows would make regular contact. And although for many, the interior may be one of the last aspects of your vehicle that you would upgrade especially when you have so much to do to your EXTERIOR or ENGINE. However, there is no denying that anytime you replace or add new interior upgrades or replacements, it really improves the overall driving experience of your vehicle. Like getting a new couch or table inside your home, it makes the interior more enjoyable to live in. 

Need ideas? Here are some great essentials that are perfect for those of you with more of a daily driver and less of a race car. All of these featured items have been designed to enhance your interior to make your overall driving experience more comfortable, and enjoyable while renewing the look and feel of the cabin of your vehicle. 


FLOOR MATS: Floor mats are one of the most overlooked interior enhancements you could perform in your vehicle. Once installed, brand-new floormats give your interior a crisp, fresh, and clean appearance especially if you have OEM carpet floormats where the driver side gets daily beatings from all of the scuffing and the dirt you bring from the outside. BUT, if you have a newer vehicle, or if your carpets are still in good shape, then nothing beats an all-weather floor mat. We carry options from Weathertech, Husky Liners, and 3D Maxpider to provide your carpets with the maximum level of protection. Since Subarus are all-wheel drive vehicles, they are popular among those who live in areas that experience a lot of snow and moisture. During the winter months, you are dragging in snow, salt, and mud into your vehicle. You may have kids or pets in the back seats that might make a mess, or you may have an accident and spill groceries or chemicals. All-weather floor mats are made using strong rubber materials that are waterproof, and they are super easy to clean as you can pressure-wash them at your local car wash, or you can hose them off in your driveway. We have front and rear floor mats, and we also carry trunk mats as this area is also vulnerable to potential messes. All of the options also include factory carpet floor mats for those of you who just want to renew the interior. 


SHIFT KNOBS: These are probably the most popular interior upgrade among enthusiasts due to the simplicity of the installation, the affordability, the enhanced shifter feel while driving, and the updated look that they provide your interior. We have endless amounts of shift knobs that are available in many different shapes, sizes, weights, materials, and thread pitches to fit many different makes and models. We also carry brand new OEM shift knobs, and we also carry exclusive JDM shift knobs. All feature new leather with new stitching. You can choose ball-style shift knobs, and you can choose from taller profile shift knobs, and everything thing else in between that is easy to grab during high-performance driving conditions, as well as daily driving conditions. For those of you who live in climates that experience extreme summer heat, you can choose a shift knob made from Delrin materials that are comfortable to the touch throughout all weather conditions. Weighted shift knobs provide a more precise shifter experience and we have shifter extensions that raise the height of your shifter to make grabbing the shifter easier while driving. From all the different options available from raw stainless, black and white Delrin, and custom anodized finishes, we have so many choices for enthusiasts to update the interior while adding excitement to the everyday drive.


SHIFT BOOTS: Now that you got your new shift knob, complete the updated interior aesthetic by getting a new shift boot. Over time, miles, and sun exposure, your shift boot can get dry, crack, and develop wear areas after years of shifting. And as much as some of us love Crown Royal, please stop turning the pouches into replacement shift boots as it is so tacky. As little as the shift boot may appear, it provides the interior with a great look and an overall feel with new leather, or suede. You can do a Subaru OEM shift boot, or you can do an upgraded unit from AutoStyled or JDM Station. A new shift knob with a fresh shifter boot is a great way to update the interior of your vehicle with a relatively simple installation. 


REVERSE LOCKOUT LEVERS: This is another way to further enhance your shifter and your shifter boot. Except these serve a very important purpose. On many of the makes and models that we carry performance products for, the factory reverse lockout lever is made of plastic materials. These are known to break just because of the weak materials, and at times, prevent you from going into reverse. We have a giant selection of billet aluminum replacements that will be the last reverse lockout lever you will need. Additionally, these are available in a great variety of anodized finishes to match the overall theme of your interior. We carry many great examples brought to you but not limited to COBB Tuning, PERRIN Performance, Beatruish, Raceseng, and Cusco. All of which will be a permanent solution for the plastic unit found especially on the Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86, and Scion FR-S models. 


INTERIOR ACCESSORIES: This is where you will find just about anything outside your major interior components that need to be replaced, enhanced, or upgraded. All of the things. From flappy paddle shifter extensions for those who have the CVT transmission, upgraded armrests, all of the overlays, door striker covers, trunk cargo nets and cargo organizers, and other interior trim pieces. All are available in different colors, different textures, leather, and carbon fiber, we have it all. There is a large variety of accessories that you can choose from to further update or improve the function of your interior and will make your overall driving experience easier, and better with newer and modern styling. 


INTERIOR LIGHTING: Your factory interior lights are great if you need help finding a certain button on your dash, or if you need to look for insurance papers out of the glove box. But if you drop anything of importance on the floor, then this can be annoying as you sift through the ground to find whatever it is that you just dropped. Because of these reasons, we carry interior lighting kits to supplement your lighting or to upgrade your interior lighting utilizing the latest in LED technology. This will increase the overall lighting surface coverage in the interior of your vehicle during the darkest of conditions, making the daily commute, the next vacation, or the next road trip a little extra safer. 


PHONE MOUNTS AND ACCESSORIES: In today's world, you can't leave the house without some sort of phone charger. And since mobile cellular devices have highly evolved in the last 20 years, unfortunately, distractions and accidents have greatly increased. We carry a large selection of phone mounts to allow the driver to have a hands-free operation while driving. If you're looking at Maps, Waze, or any other GPS-assisted app on your phone, these mounts will allow you to quickly glance at your screen to make sure you're going in the right direction without having to constantly glance at your lap or at the palm of your hand. We have a great selection of phone mounts brought to you by the likes of Scosche and Dialed Mounts, both of which are some of the leaders in the industry. There are multiple styles of mounts which include but are not limited to the dash, the window, or on your vents. Many of them offer charging because open apps can put a drain on your daily use. By properly mounting your mobile cellular device you can put more focus on the road so you can arrive at your destination safely. 


KNOBS AND BUTTONS: This is a great way to update the interior of your vehicle by adding more color and more metal. Your factory knobs and buttons for the most part are made of plastic which is fine, but they can fade over time, or even become brittle. The selection is large from climate control knob replacements or add-ons, drift knobs, E-brake knobs, and even knob overlays if the decals have worn or the engraving is hard to read. There is a large selection of anodized knobs and buttons to add subtle styling by adding more color. There are even carbon fiber options for those of you who want that race-inspired look. You can choose from quality brands such as GSC, Cusco, PERRIN, TRD, or RSP just to name a few of the many available. All of which will add more value, and style, with an overall improvement in functionality. 


TRIM KITS: Here, you will find trim pieces and trim kits to really enhance your interior. For example, you can find steering wheel trim kits, as well as shifter trim kits available in carbon fiber. These units are very simple to install and provide your interior with exclusive exotic looks as carbon fiber has become a household material in many of today's high-performance vehicles. This section is highly vast with several options to choose from to further update, customize, or renew the look and feel of your interior. We have the very popular piano black Subaru trim that provides a subtle but much cleaner look. You can find trim pieces that directly replace or enhance your dash cluster, switch panels, trim rings, and other detailed areas around your dash, we have trim kits for your center armrest and door cards. Aside from carbon fiber, you will find leather and components, colored components, OEM components, and the best that the aftermarket has to offer to further renew, restore, and upgrade your vehicle. 


PEDALS: Not only will these give your interior race-inspired looks over the factory pedals, but some of the designs are slightly larger to provide more grip to improve the overall driving function. We have full pedal kits for both manual and automatic transmissions. We have kits that even include the dead pedal or rest pedal. We have wider accelerator options for those of you who need to heel-toe while driving on those weekend track days, and there are even throttle pedal spacers to bring the throttle cable closer to the brake pedal which will also improve heel-toe driving function. All of the options we offer are brought to you by the most familiar brands that include but not limited to Sparco, Kartboy, Cusco, and Verus Engineering. You have several billet aluminum options, and you have carbon fiber options as well. All options will improve the driving performance in your race car, rally car, and in your daily driver or overlander build. 


In conclusion, all of the interior trim options available for your interior are a great way to renew or upgrade your interior. Shift knobs and new pedals will improve your overall driving experience. Carbon fiber trim on your steering wheel or on your dash is a great way to improve the factory finish with aggressive styling. Several options are also available to replace high-wear areas of your interior with more than one variety over the OEM units. Now you can add more color, more style, and more protection all with a modern look.