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Air Fuel Ratio Gauges

If you drive a turbocharged anything, then one of the most important and often overlooked gauge is the Air Fuel Ratio Gauge. What is an Air Fuel Ratio Gauge and what is it supposed to do? For those unfamiliar with this gauge, the air-fuel ratios provided under boost tells you whether you are running lean. or rich. More importantly, it is a tool utilized by tuners they use to provide a solid tune for your car. If you are running lean under peak boost for example, and you see your gauge is running a 13:1 ratio under peak boost then you are at risk of blowing your motor. If you are running below a 10:1 Air Fuel Ratio then you are running too rich, and you risk washing a cylinder out. If anything, it is insurance for your engine. If you are not hitting your target A/F ratios, then it can be an indication of something not up to speed in the motor such as a vacuum leak, bad gasoline, or fouled spark plugs. But bad A/F ratios will alarm you to stay off the boost until you get the issue addressed. RallySport Direct carries a large selection of Air Fuel Ratio Gauges to accommodate your interior. Choose from the popular AEM UEGO Wideband, or choose one of several great examples from Innovate or Prosport. We carry 52MM gauges, or 60MM gauges and everything in between as far as digital to analog.  Make sure you are hitting target boost numbers with a proper Boost Gauge. And if you need something nice to host these gauges in, check out many of our available Gauge Pods.   

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