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Boost Gauges

We all love boost. If you don't love boost then you can get out. However, too much boost will cause things to blow up. When you're not hitting your target boost numbers then something is wrong and needs to be addressed. One of the only ways to keep tabs on boost is by having a proper Boost Gauge. Here at RallySport Direct, we carry several variations of boost gauges. We carry boost gauges that read in both bar and metric, mechanical or electric, and we have boost gauges for those of you trying to make 50 PSI.  You can find many great examples in 52MM or 60MM sizing, and they even come in digital or an analog setting, and in several different colors that will work best with your interior. If you want something digital, check out our great selection of AEM Boost Gauges. Defi is one of the more common of boost gauge choices because they make several boost gauges in different sizes, colors, readings. And some of them are advanced that can be powered by the Defi Can Driver if you wanted to employ other types of Defi Gauges.  If you wanted a multi-gauge that reads boost pressure AND your ethanol content, then you might be interested in of the Innovate Motorsports EBC-1 Boost and Ethanol Advanced Gauge Kit! There are many other amazing gauges from the likes of STRI, ProSport, among others.  Make sure you have a proper Gauge Pod to have a safe place to mount your gauge, and to have a clean look. 

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