Remember the first time you rode in a turbocharged vehicle? That feeling of your guts getting pushed back into your spine? Greatest feeling in the world right? Who would have thought that this metal snail could create such joy in our lives. And now, the party doesn't stop when you blow your turbo, because at RallySport Direct we are the turbocharger superstore.   With over 10 great brands to choose from which include the likes of COBB Tuning, Steamspeed, Tomei, Garret, Blouch and ATP Turbo among other brands. You can choose from OEM sizing, or you can choose from turbochargers designed to make big horsepower on built motors. you can choose from single scroll, twin scroll, and turbochargers that have adjustable internal wastegates for users to hit target boost numbers. Want a turbocharger that can make 350 wheel on a Subaru STI? You can't go wrong with the Steamspeed STX 67 turbocharger.  Want something a little larger than stock on the Subaru STI? Choose the Blouch TD05H-16GXT 7cm turbocharger with the billet wheel. If you want to make more power in the Mitsubishi Evolution, the Tomei ARMS M7960 turbocharger would make a great upgrade. Make sure if you upgrade your turbocharger, that you supplement your motor with the right amount of fuel. RallySport Direct carries many sets of fuel injectors and fuel pumps to provide your motor with the right amount of fuel when you want to turn up the boost. 

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