Fuel Injectors

Anytime you run a larger turbocharger or want to increase the boost pressure or even convert to E-85. You must have a proper injector to handle those duties. Your stock injectors are obviously designed for the factory setup, but when it's time to start making more horsepower, then you need the right amount of fuel to safely support hose bad decisions.  Upgrading your fuel system is imperative when performing any modifications that add substantial increases of power to your engine. If you try to run a larger boost target with pump gas, or race gas with stock injectors your car will lean out, things will blow up, and you're not gonna have a good time. Because RallySport Direct is in the business of making more horsepower, we have a large variety of injectors on the menu for several makes and models. These injectors include major label brands such as Injector Dynamics, DeatschWerks, COBB, among other brands. If you are converting to E-85 in your Mitsubishi Evolution, or are adding a flex fuel kit to your Subaru WRX, then you will be pleased with a 1300CC injector. If you are trying to make enough boost to leave the runway, we carry 2200CC injectors as well.  Make sure when upgrading those injectors, that you check out our wide selection of fuel pumps, fuel pressure regulators, and even fuel rail kits.

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