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Air Oil Separators

If you drive a Subaru, then it is common to see so many of them with some sort of aftermarket Air Oil Separator kit on it. The stock PCV system on the Subaru works is that you have vents that come off the head, as well as the crankcase. These vents are routed to the turbo inlet, and even though inlet sucks in air, it can be common for oil to make its way into the inlet as well. Although this is somewhat a normal occurrence for a Subaru, burning oil can cause issues such as detonation, and it can effect the octane rating in your fuel.  Ar RallySport Direct, we carry a wide selection of Air oil Separators designed to filter the oil from the air, and drops the oil back into the oil pan so that only air gets back to the turbo inlet. You can choose one of Grimspeed's compact units that are mounted on the oil filler cap, or choose from other quality designs from Crawford, PERRIN, Prova, Beatrush and finally Moroso.  Now you can promote better longevity and a cleaner, healthier running engine with one of these fine products. And when you're ready to ready take control of your oiling system, choose a deeper oil pan  to increase the capacity, or get a catch can to catch any oil that overflows from your cranking system. 

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