Fuel Pumps

Fuel pumps are one of the most vital components in any car, but especially in turbocharged vehicles. When you start performing modifications that increase boost, add horsepower, or increase torque, then at some point you will surpass the limits of your factory fuel pump. When this happens there are a few options. Most opt to replace their factory fuel pump with a stronger fuel pump that delivers more liters per hour, and some tend to add more than one fuel pump depending on their power goals. RallySport Direct carries a big selection of fuel pumps because we know how important this component is to any build, and any modification. Choose from several different fuel pumps from the likes of Aeromotive, Walbro, DeatschWerks. Denso, Fuelab, AEM, Bosch among other amazing brands. You can choose from many different styles, and from different flow rates as well.  And while you're looking at fuel pumps, don't forget that we carry a massive selection of fuel injectors, fuel pump kits, and surge tanks for those of you running more than one fuel pump. 

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