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For automotive enthusiasts that are new or seasoned, exhaust systems play a large role in the overall driving experience. There are people who will purchase a vehicle based on how it sounds. What makes this driving experience even better is that the aftermarket has several exhaust options to improve the sound, performance, and fun factor out of your daily driver, weekenRead More

For automotive enthusiasts that are new or seasoned, exhaust systems play a large role in the overall driving experience. There are people who will purchase a vehicle based on how it sounds. What makes this driving experience even better is that the aftermarket has several exhaust options to improve the sound, performance, and fun factor out of your daily driver, weekend show car, or track-dedicated race car. 



What makes power and sound out of a quality exhaust system is really narrowed down to two main factors. These are smooth bends and a larger piping diameter. The factory exhaust system in your vehicle must be universally compliant with most worldwide sound ordinances. And this is actually difficult from a manufacturer design standpoint. Trying to design an exhaust system that has to be within and obey the majority of statutes while trying to deliver the most performance throughout all elevation levels, and climate conditions, without triggering any alarms within your engine control unit. So the trick is to design an exhaust that is cost-effective for the manufacturer and flows just enough to make competitive performance numbers while being within the safe confines of manufacturer guidelines. 

Because of these reasons, the factory exhaust system in any performance vehicle for that matter leaves much room for improvement. Here is where we come in. 



Although RallySport Direct is a Subaru-centric performance company, we carry options for many other makes and models from turbocharged to naturally aspirated. However, these are the main ingredients. We will start from the back and work our way to the front, and we will mention all the in-between.


CAT BACK EXHAUST SYSTEMS: This is the most popular option. Why? It generates all the sound. Cat-back exhaust systems typically feature a muffler, and sometimes not, and these will have piping that will route to your catalytic converter. The piping will have larger bends that are as straight as possible to provide an unobstructed exit path for the exhaust gases. This will improve the throttle response and acceleration in naturally-aspirated cars. The same reaction will be found in cars with forced induction with the addition of less turbo lag or supercharger response. Cat-Back exhaust systems are the most popular, coveted, and sought-after modification that enthusiasts will initially perform because of the main reason, and that is the sound. All of the brands we carry offer exhaust systems that are the result of decades of research and development. All are capable of delivering a race-inspired exhaust note along with more power and torque. And this is why cat-back exhaust systems are considered to be one of the best performance modifications that are rewarding in power and sound and are highly effective for all driving purposes. 


DOWNPIPES AND Y-PIPES: Downpipes and Y-pipes are essential to unlocking substantial amounts of performance out of your turbocharged vehicle. Subaru WRX models throughout all generations, Mitsubishi Evolutions, the Mazdaspeed platform, and everything else in between with a turbo come from the factory with a highly restrictive downpipe. As a matter of fact, these are so restrictive that some of these platforms required a tune to successfully employ a downpipe. You have a substantial amount of unlocked flow that will make your turbocharger react much faster which will generate more horsepower, more torque, and more speed. Downpipes are one of the main ingredients in terms of basic upgrades, just make sure you complement your downpipe with a proper intake to allow your turbo to properly inhale. Y-pipes or mid-pipes, the link between your downpipe and primary or secondary cat converter. Not all platforms have a mid-pipe or Y-pipe, however, there are powerful platforms such as the Nissan GTR or A90 Toyota Supra that can benefit from a proper mid-pipe or Y-pipe. 


EXHAUST HEADERS AND MANIFOLDS: For those of you who desire more performance, and we all do, the next level of performance requires the upgrade of your factory exhaust manifolds. Also known as turbo header for turbocharged vehicles, or "headers" for those with naturally-aspirated cars, or simply exhaust manifold, a proper unit flows more exhaust gases faster when compared to your factory components. A proper exhaust manifold will also be required if you desire to make more power that surpasses the flow limits of your factory manifold. If you want to maximize the performance out of your factory turbocharger, an upgraded manifold is the way to go. If you upgraded to a larger turbocharger and are running more boost in your purpose-built race car, you will need a proper manifold to support the flow. When compared to your factory heavy cast log-style manifold, aftermarket options have longer tubular runners that smoothly meet collectively at the mounting flange. No flow restrictions mean more power. A must-have for those of you who have substantial power goals in mind. 


AXLE-BACK SYSTEMS: Now this is a great option for those of you who don't really desire to make a large amount of power, but simply want to make more sound. This is the easiest exhaust modification you can perform, and the installation typically makes for a fun weekend project in your driveway with basic tools. You can choose from options with integrated mufflers, or you can choose muffler deletes if you desire something more louder and aggressive. Either option will be much, much lighter when compared to that boat anchor of a factory muffler. Additionally, the axle-back systems we offer provide performance gains as well. As the piping will be slightly larger, with smooth bends, yes, the main ingredients for a performance exhaust. If you don't want a full cat-back system or above, but mainly desire the sound, an axle-back system will be an excellent choice to satisfy your driving experience. 


CROSSPIPES: These are another link in the exhaust system where power gains can be discovered. We offer front pipes and exhaust manifold front pipes for turbocharged applications like the Subaru WRX and newer Honda Civic models. However, we also carry options for naturally-aspirated options such as the BRZ/86 models. All of which will further optimize the flow in the rest of your exhaust system for maximum power potential. 


TURBO UP PIPES: For those of you with Subaru's, especially early WRX models, a performance up-pipe is a great upgrade, especially for your turbocharger. The up-pipe is the mounting point for your turbo. What happens, is that over several heat cycles, age, and miles, the insides of your factory up-pipe can break apart causing a flow blockage. If you have experienced a sudden loss in power or if your Subaru feels sluggish, think about that up-pipe. We carry many performance options with larger piping and with a smoother bend to allow that turbo to react and flow quickly for a nice jump in power. Although the installation can be painstaking, the overall feeling and gains make this a highly worthwhile upgrade. 


Now, these are going to be some of the main ingredients in terms of what exhaust modifications are the most effective with power delivery, sound, and response. However, there are other components, and variables to consider when shopping for your next exhaust. Consider the other possibilities and options available to you. 



Now the majority of the exhaust components are going to be made using 304 stainless steel construction. 304 stainless is highly durable, resistant to corrosion, and will be lighter when compared to your OEM components. BUT, for those of you discriminating and demanding enthusiasts who need the best, might we suggest titanium? We carry titanium exhaust options brought to you by COBB Tuning, Invidia, as well as Tomei. Now titanium will provide a louder and more aggressive exhaust note, but it is very distinct. Titanium also weighs substantially less when compared to stainless steel, and aesthetically we have options that include the ever-popular JDM pie cuts. All of these are brought to you by the most trusted brands available in this industry.



One of the exciting features of any exhaust upgrade is that they are versatile. We have cat-back selections that have built-in resonators to be on the quiet side when you have to leave for work at 7 a.m. which will not affect the performance of your daily driver. We also carry non-resonated systems that you can piece together with your preferred downpipe and exhaust manifold to deliver the most aggressive exhaust note with the most flow for that track-dedicated race car. 



There are other components that you can purchase to maintain and extend the performance and lifespan of your exhaust. Check out these options that may interest you. 


EXHAUST GASKETS AND HARDWARE: Anytime you perform maintenance that requires you to remove any exhaust component that requires a gasket, it is always a good idea to replace that said gasket, or at the very least thoroughly examine the existing gasket if you must re-use it. The reason is that exhaust gaskets will experience more heat than the rest of the components in the engine bay. And your gaskets could become brittle and come apart upon removal. Could you imagine if you upgraded the up-pipe in an 03 WRX and didn't switch out the gaskets only to hear a loud tractor-like noise upon startup? Always check or replace your gaskets. We carry every multi-layer steel option with fire rings that will provide an optimal seal. And if you have a warped manifold stud, please do yourself a favor and replace those units as well. 


EXHAUST HANGERS: Your factory exhaust system is very heavy, and the OEM exhaust hangers are made from rubber that will weaken over time. We carry a great selection of urethane mounts that will keep your exhaust movement down to a minimum. Additionally, we have exhaust hangers available in different lengths to support any cat-back system you may install on your application.


EXHAUST HEAT SHIELDS AND HEAT WRAP: Because the turbocharger is connected to the up-pipes on your Subaru, and directly to your exhaust manifold on other models, there can be a lot of heat generated under the hood during operation. We carry upgraded versions of exhaust heat shields that will not only contain the heat within the turbocharger but will also improve the overall engine bay aesthetics. You can choose from exhaust heat wrap to cover your exhaust manifolds or downpipe to further reduce the heat. If you have a larger turbocharger that exceeds the installation method of your heat shield, you can choose a turbo blanket. Many safe options to protect your surrounding engine components from excessive heat, while reducing the chances of heat soak to your intercooler. 


In conclusion, these are the reasons why exhaust systems are imperative for performance gains to the engine of any performance vehicle. Obviously, we take it seriously with a vastly large selection that will make your vehicle sound better while performing better. Take a moment to browse through this section and choose a proper component that will suit your needs and driving style. And by the way, check out those tip options too. Titanium, polished, black-coated, raw stainless, exhaust systems also enhance the overall look to the rear of your vehicle. Happy shopping.