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Pressure Gauges

They say don't go into the night blindly, but what they really meant was that you shouldn't rail your car on a regular basis without a proper set of pressure gauges. RallySport Direct carries one of the largest selections of pressure gauges so that you can safely monitor crucial parameters of your engine. This mainly includes oil pressure and fuel pressure.  If your oil pressure is low, then an oil pressure gauge can diagnose a number of potential problems and more importantly will prevent the driver from introducing more issues for the engine. And if you are leaning out under a load, your fuel pressure gauge can indicate a potentially weak fuel pump just before you melt your motor. When visiting, you will notice that we carry a large selection of pressure gauges from the likes of Defi, STRI, ProSport, PERRIN, Tanabe, and AEM. Choose from many different styles, colors, sizes, electronic or analog. Most gauges come with pressure probes, or you can get the latest and greatest from Defi with their introduction of the Advance Series Gauges. And if you need a goo place to host your gauges, make sure you get a proper gauge pod. And make sure you stock up on the right temperature gauge, because you need to know if you're getting hot or not, and know that with a turbo car, it is mandatory to get yourself an air fuel ratio gauge

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