Oil accumulator what in the sam heck is that? Let's say that you're racing your Subaru STI at the Daytona 500. You have this big left-hand turn approaching and it's a super high bank. You enter the corner and all of a sudden you lose your motor. How is this? While your engine was operating on the top of 4th gear, your oil has moved onto the other side of the motor which can cause friction on the other side starving the engine of proper lubrication. If your oil pressure drops because of hard acceleration, severe cornering, or even hard braking, that is because your engine is experiencing a major shift in the oil. Now the oil accumulators keep the belly of the engine full of oil in case of an emergency. If the engine should happen to experience any of the mentioned shifts in oil, then it will provide an instantaneous pump of oil when the oil pressure falls below the safe zone.  And while you're at it, check out our other selection of awesome oil control devices. You might want to add a catch can , or even an air oil separator while you're at it. 

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