Flex Fuel

It's no secret that flex fuel is the greatest thing to hit the sport compact scene ever since covering your windshields with oversized stickers was a cool thing so nobody ever. BUT, at least with flex fuel, you can safely boost our vehicle with ethanol without the crazy costs of black magic race gas. That's right, not only does corn make for tasty tortillas, but it makes that turbocharged vehicle of yours much faster. However, you can't just show up at your local ethanol station, fill it up and be on your way to glory. It takes a lot to pump out ethanol and your injector duty cycle needs to be strong enough to handle ethanol.  With that said, RallySport Direct carries flex fuel kits so that you can run ethanol successfully with the right injector, and the right fuel pump. We even carry sensors that measure the amount of ethanol is in your fuel so that you don't blow your motor up. Choose from a great selection of flex fuel kits from our friends at COBB Tuning, where there are staged kits available to meet your horsepower goals. While checking out flex fuel kits, check out our great selection of fuel injectors, fuel pumps, and fuel pressure regulators

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Includes Air Filter
Includes Airbox
Includes Catback
Includes Downpipe
Includes Exhaust Heatshield
Includes Intake
Includes Tune
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