Stand Alone Engine Management

When you have Stand Alone Engine Management, then this means that you or your tuner can control virtually every parameter of your engine's function, and you will typically see stand-alone systems in race cars, or vehicles that come with platforms that can really surpass the limits of the stock ECU. For example, we carry the AEM standalone ECU for the Toyota Supra which is a legend that has made 1000 RWHP on the stock block with supporting mods. Vehicles like this are really hindered by the stock ECU and piggyback systems are designed to fight against the stock settings rather than override them. With stand alone engine management systems, you can setup and modify parameters such as the rev limit, anti-lag, timing, fuel tables, sensors. and the possibilities are much more capable than what the stock ECU can do. Because of these reasons, it is highly preferred that a skilled tuner handle the task of your tuning so you don't blow the welds off your intake manifold.  We carry stand-alone systems by Cosworth, and AEM, and they are available for the Mitsubishi Evolution, Subaru WRX/STI, Toyota Supra, and the Nissan 300ZX. Make sure if you're shopping for a stand-alone engine management systems, that you've got the right engine management sensors, engine management harnesses, and staged power packages

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