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Staged Power Packages

At times when searching the world wide interwebs on how to make your car more powerful or faster, you're going to find that everyone has their own opinions. And oftentimes, those opinions stem from hearsay that they got from their backyard neighbor that has that perpetual project that's been sitting under a tarp on the side of the house for years. "Now all you have to do is get a wide tire in the back see. Then get a double four barrel carb right, add some hemi on top and you's gonna blow the doors off anything!" And you don't need lots of NOS either to blow the welds off your intake manifold. RallySport Direct takes this hassle away from your life and offers a great selection of Staged Power Packages that includes everything needed to make real world power. You can choose from COBB Tuning, Cosworth, Mountune, and from RallySport Direct Kits. Want to make some serious power in the Ford Focus ST? Try the COBB Tuning Stage 3 Power Pack. Want to shave a few seconds off your next lap in the Subaru STI? Try the COBB Tuning Stage 2 Power Package. Or if you want to add forced induction to the Subaru BRZ, you can add the Cosworth Stage 2 Power Package. We offer staged power packages for various makes and models where the research has been done and the parts have been put together for our convenience and ready to bolt onto your vehicle. These kits will usually consist of a performance intake, COBB Accessport, as well as exhaust components such as a downpipe and cat-back depending on the kit. When shopping for Staged Power Packages, make sure you check out the great selection of fuel injectors and fuel pumps and make sure you supplement your motor with enough fuel to handle all that added horsepower.

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Cat Back Piping Diameter
Downpipe Piping Diameter
Filter Color
Includes Air Filter
Includes Airbox
Includes Boost Solenoid
Includes Catback
Includes Downpipe
Includes Exhaust Heatshield
Includes Intake
Includes Intercooler
Includes Mid Pipe
Includes Tune
Includes Turbo Heatshield
Includes Turbo Inlet
Intake Coupler Color
Intake Hose Color
Intake Hose Material
MAF Hose Color
Turbo Inlet Color
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