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One of the biggest areas you need to keep an eye on aside from oil pressure and your wideband O2 readings, is the overall cooling of your engine. Heat is one of the biggest killers of our engines because our engines are large blocks of metal that move in high repetitions and cycles and need proper lubrication and cooling to survive. What happens if your engine overheatsRead More

One of the biggest areas you need to keep an eye on aside from oil pressure and your wideband O2 readings, is the overall cooling of your engine. Heat is one of the biggest killers of our engines because our engines are large blocks of metal that move in high repetitions and cycles and need proper lubrication and cooling to survive. What happens if your engine overheats? As in, your temp needle is pegged and you don't pull over and see what's wrong? You will lose head gaskets, your head or head(s) can warp - meaning that the mating surface is uneven, and this is considered to be catastrophic engine damage, and if you have a Subaru, the engine will need to come out. What happens if your oil temps get too high? This can happen at the track or if you live in Phoenix in the middle of July. Your oil can lose its viscosity and lubricating properties, and pressure to send on your way to a new engine. What happens if your intake charge temperatures are too high? Heat soak happens. This will limit your power and potential to the turbocharger causing it to work overtime, and you put a ceiling on your performance, and it's time for a larger intercooler. Let's prevent all of this from happening and take a look at how we can increase the overall cooling efficiency. 


RADIATORS: OEM radiators are a wear-and-tear item. Where do they fail? The majority of OEM radiators will have plastic end tanks. These end tanks experience thousands of heat cycles, and after age and mileage, they can't hang on any longer and those stress cracks from all of the pressure will create a leak. What is the fix? We carry all-aluminum radiator options from the likes of Mishimoto, Koyo, and CSF among other quality brands. All aluminum units increase the overall cooling efficiency, can endure the pressure to be an end-all-be-all replacement, and if you experience damage from road debris that creates a leak, a good welder can typically repair all aluminum units. 


RADIATOR HOSES: Like the radiator, your factory radiator hoses will experience just as many heat cycles with expanding pressure every time you drive. The problem is that the OEM radiator hoses are made with fiber-reinforced rubber that will break apart over time, causing the hose to expand to the point where it will bust. This can lead to overheating, and leave you stranded on the road with catastrophic engine damage if you somehow ignore the problem. If you notice your engine temps getting hot and you notice any steam or smoke coming out of the hood, pull over safely and shut the car off immediately. The radiator hose options that we carry feature multi-layer silicone construction that won't expand under pressure, to provide you with improved cooling efficiency with more reliability. 


INTERCOOLERS: These are one of the most important components for turbocharger performance. The Subaru WRX and STI are known for experiencing heat soak issues with the factory top-mount as it sits near the turbocharger which generates a lot of heat. The thermal capacity will be surpassed, and you cannot reach the full performance potential of your engine, your turbocharger, and especially other modifications that increase power and torque. The only remedy is getting a larger top mount setup with more surface area, or you go to a front mount intercooler setup where it can experience the coolest intake charge effect. We carry many great options along with INTERCOOLER PIPING KITS to get you properly squared away so you can optimize the power and cooling efficiency of your turbocharger. 


FLUID COOLERS: Why do all race cars have multiple fluid coolers? The engine lives in the upper RPM range for long periods of time. The oil can lose its viscosity and lubricating properties if it gets too hot. If the transmission or differential fluid gets too hot you can experience a catastrophic drivetrain failure. The same technology is available for those of you who need to increase the cooling efficiency of your oil or transmission. Now many factory engine designs do include an oil cooler that will supplement the cooling for bumper-to-bumper traffic or for prolonged inclines. However, we have oil cooler kits that include all of the required lines and fittings for the installation, and we have universal application oil cooler cores to allow users to mount the cooler in the desired area while you make your own oil lines. Many options will prolong your engine's performance and longevity with cooler and safer temperatures. 


OVERFLOW / EXPANSION TANKS: Another component especially in the Subaru platform that desires an improvement both in aesthetics and function. For example earlier on WRX/STI models, the factory expansion tank sits on top of the passenger side intake manifold/strut tower and over time it develops an almost oxidized and rusty look from years of coolant adding or leaking. And some of you may have experienced cracked expansion tanks. And on BRZ/FR-S/86 models, the filler neck on these models is prone to breaking anytime you had to perform maintenance that required removal of the factory unit, and this is because of the brittle plastic construction. We carry a great selection of overflow and expansion tanks, filler necks, and all relatable items associated with these components. Please don't forget to get yourself a new RADIATOR CAP anytime e you get a new expansion tank or radiator. And if you are trying to diagnose an unresolved overheating or even underheating - yes that is possible if your engine is not reaching operating temperatures, replace your THERMOSTAT for good measure. 


ELECTRIC FANS: Extremely crucial to make sure your electric fans are working. If you have OEM electric fans or want to upgrade to units that push or pull more air through your radiator, we have several options available in slimmer variants as well to fit in tight spaces. Nothing will test out your anxiety more than if you get caught in a traffic jam and your fans aren't working. Your temps will skyrocket quickly if it's on a summer afternoon in the middle of the 405. If you don't have a factory fan clutch which is where you have a fan that spins with your water pump pulley, or if you want to make more space by taking out your fan clutch for other fabricated means, please make sure you have upgraded electric fans, and that they work accordingly. 


This covers the main areas in your cooling system. Keep your coolant temps at bay and your engine will be happy. After 100k miles, you've probably replaced the radiator by now, if not, make sure you thoroughly inspect or replace the components with stronger components such as an all-aluminum radiator with the appropriate silicone hoses. This will provide you with long-lasting performance and peace of mind if you're stuck on the 405 or if you're blasting down your local race track.