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Cold Air Intakes

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If your car is stock and you want to start on the path of modification, then Cold Air Intakes are usually a good first step in the right direction and here's why. Your factory intake system is very restrictive because when car manufacturers make vehicles, they have to design certain pa Read More rts to be universally compliant with all local and state provisions and guidelines. Some factory equipped intakes are perfectly designed for their engines. However, in turbocharged vehicles, this is another story. The factory intakes in turbocharged vehicles are restrictive, and when they get dirty it really hinders the performance. Almost like having clogged lungs.

That's why when you add a cold air intake to a turbocharged vehicle you usually see substantial gains in horsepower and torque. But you also get the benefits of improved throttle response and reduced turbo lag. Because now your vehicle can now inhale a larger volume of air which helps maximize the efficiency of the turbocharger. 

Now adding a cold air intake to your everyday commuter whether it be a regular sedan or a truck will always be beneficial as well. When your engine breathes better it isn't fighting for the air and when you release these restrictions then you will also get improved gas mileage.

But note that in some vehicles, you cannot just add a cold air intake and call it a day. In some vehicles such as the Subaru WRX, STI and Mitsubishi Evolution will need a tune with an intake. This is because when the MAF sees a massive increase in air volume, the ECU may try to recalibrate the timing and lean out the fuel delivery. So if you get a cold air intake, make sure you see if your vehicle needs an engine management system such as a COBB Accessport and download the latest OTS maps for your application.

But when it's time to upgrade. RallySport Direct carries a wide selection of cold air intakes to your liking. We carry major brands such as COBB Tuning, AEM, Mishimoto, PERRIN, GrimmSpeed, among other major brands. 

Be sure to check out our other large selection of Air Induction products for your other makes and models. 


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