Drive Shafts and Drivelines

There are many reasons why you should upgrade your driveshaft. For example. if you built your car to have more horsepower than brains then a carbon fiber driveshaft would certainly be a smart move. Why a carbon fiber driveline? They are lighter, and absorb more drivetrain shock by allowing them to twist under vehicles that have high amounts of torque. This provides a smoother transition of power to the wheels, and carbon fiber driveshafts have a lighter rotational mass which can improve on both horsepower and torque and improves throttle response, and it will improve the acceleration and braking performance as well.  Choose from a great selection of driveshafts from PST available for various Subaru WRX STI models. While shopping for driveshafts, make sure you have a look at our great selection of drive axles and drivelines. and make sure your clutch is up to par along with your shifter and bushings

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