If your vehicle is riding a little harsher, a little bumpier, and making excessive noises then this can be an indication of a blown strut. Other symptoms could be uneven wear on your tires, and while driving on the highway your car could feel like a boat by going up and down constantly. But more importantly, you are greatly affecting your vehicles intended performance by riding around in shot struts. Every time you go over a pothole or manhole cover your kidneys are going to pay for it. Of course, all of this can be prevented by making a stop at, where we carry a great selection of new struts.  Choose from brands such as Cusco, KYB, Pedders, and Racecomp Engineering. You can choose from struts that have OEM like build quality, or you can choose a strut with improved performance characteristics. Did you wear the struts out on your Subaru WRX? Choose the Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit. Want a little better handling on the STI? Choose the Cusco Front Touring-A Shock Absorbers.  If you're looking for something a little more aggressive, we have a great selection of coil overs, and if you want to improve the looks of the vehicle, then you have the option of choosing a set of lowering springs

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