Top Hats

Whether if you are trying to gain extra camber, or if you simply need new components, RallySport Direct has a great selection of Top Hats. We carry OEM style top hats, adjustable top hats, and pillow ball upper mounts from the likes of Beatrush, Mooresport, Cusco, Tein, Whiteline, STI, and Pedders. These are a great option for those of you who may have acquired a set of coil overs that did not come provided with their own set of top hats, and you want something that can either be adjustable for improved handling, or for a solid feel. We carry top hats for many choice Subaru models along with other makes and models, and can certainly help get your handling dialed in.  When looking at top hats, make sure ou have a look at our great selection of ball joints, caster adjustment components, as well as our great selection of control arms.   

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