Motor Build Tools

Are you the type that will try and rebuild your motor with a set of vice grips and a crescent wrench? Stop! RallySport Direct carries special Motor Build Tools intended to make your life easier especially when it comes to installing parts in a careful fashion. Are you doing a timing belt job on a Subaru STI? Check out the Company 23 Cam Sprocket Tool. Are you installing a set of pistons? Cosworth offers a great line of Ring Compressor Tools.  You can also choose a great line of tools from Wiseco, Tomei, Grimmspeed. But also there is a great selection of RallySport Direct Easy Does It Timing Belt Kits available as well for the DIY'er. Hey, make sure you stock up on latex gloves when working on your car. And make sure you are stocked up on the proper fluids when you're finished with the build.    

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