Don't you just hate when you take a Saturday afternoon to get a manicure and get your fabulous hands on fleek, only to realize that you have to change the oil in your car. Then the oil change leads to changing the spark plugs, then you decide to get really industrious and start changing valve cover gaskets. Suddenly your nails are all dirty and ew! You can avoid these unfortunate series of events with a set of mechanics gloves or latex gloves. Now you don't have to spend 10 minutes in the kitchen sink with dish soap and sand paper to get that caked-on grease off your hands. Choose from cloth, or nitrile gloves from great brands such as Ammex, Tein, and RallySport Direct.  Since you're shopping for mechanics gloves, make sure you check out our great selection of cleaning supplies to keep your car clean as well, but if you're wearing gloves for maintenance, make sure you check out our great selection of engine oils, and transmission fluids

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