Fuel and Coolant

RallySport Direct carries a great selection of fuel additives and coolant to allow your vehicle to run as best as it can. Over time and after a certain amount of mileage, your coolant could develop corrosion and could potentially limit the abilities of your cooling components and it could impact your cooling. The same thing could happen to the components of your fuel injection system. If you got a dirty batch of gasoline you would never know until your vehicle started running rough. This could be an indication of a dirty injector among other things. But, we carry a great selection of fuel system cleaners from Red Line that should be added to your fuel tank every once in a while. Among fuel additives, RallySport Direct carries a great selection of coolants and coolant additives as well to make sure that your cooling system can operate at its best with fresh coolants and additives. Choose from great brands such as Mishimoto, Motul, Subaru OEM, Evans, DEI, and Red Line among other brands. If your vehicle has gone above 50,000 miles without a coolant flush then it's time to get it done. While maintaining your vehicle, make sure you check out our great selection of oils and oil filters. Make sure you check out our large selection of transmission fluids as well to perform a complete service to your vehicle. 

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