Turbo Timers

Remember that one time you went to the mall, and saw this dude park his Mitsubishi Eclipse. When he got out you thought he left his car on. "Sir you left your car on! Hey sir....hey don't walk away from me!" As the owner of the said car walks inside, he ignores the masses everywhere he goes, because little does anyone know that he has a turbo time in his car. Turbo Timers was one of the first popular first set of modifications in turbocharged vehicles early in the sport compact scene.  Turbo timers have been designed to leave your car running from 30 seconds to 3 minutes after you turn the ignition off and leave. In turbocharged vehicles, the theory is that after hard driving sessions such as an autocross, or a hard track day it is wide to let the car run for about a minute before shutting it down to allow the hot oil to makes its way through the turbocharger, and back into the oil pan.  RallySprt Direct carries a few turbo timer options from the likes of HKS. We carry the Type-0, as well as the Type-1 turbo timer examples. These are compact and easy to install. Make sure you check out our great selection of turbo timer harnesses for installation, otherwise you might be able to hardware this into your application. Make sure you check out our other great electronic options which include electronic boost controllers, as well as boost gauges to complete your setup.

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