Wheel Cleaner

If you're a car enthusiast then most likely you're a wheel enthusiast too. Some of you probably buy more wheels than you buy shoes. And that's okay. RallySport Direct supports such decisions, and we want you to keep those wheels clean whether if they are on your car, or if they are taking up your living space. RallySport Direct carries a great selection of Wheel Cleaner and Tire Gloss so that you don't get made fun of at the next car meet. You can choose a great product from Sonax, or choose a RallySport Kit to get your wheels all cleaned up. The Sonax Wheel Cleaner is some pretty gnarly stuff. If you have caked on brake dust or road grime, then this is the ticket to clean wheels. And when you have those wheels looking fresh again, dress up those tires with some Sonax Tire Gloss Gel. Make sure you get the rest of your exterior on fleek with a great selection of Towels and Accessories, Paint and Glass Cleaner, and check out our Detail and Wax

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