Detail and Wax

What good are all the go-fast parts, wheels, and suspension enhancements if your car doesn't look good? If you neglect your paint long enough then you can develop oxidation or your clear coat won't look so clear anymore. And you don't have to be a professional detailer to make your car look good. But it is always a good idea to wax your car once every 6 months especially if your car is your daily driver and you don't have access to a garage yet. Wax not only makes your paint shine, but it also helps repel harmful road elements such as diesel smoke, salt, rain, etc.  RallySport Direct carries a great selection of Detail and Wax products from the likes of Sonax and Motul. You can get yourself a quality bottle of wax and get some detail spray to keep your car clean in between washes. And don't stop at the paint. RallySport Direct also carries a great selection of Interior cleaning products, Wheel Cleaner, and make sure you're stocked up on Towels and Accessories

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