Drain Plugs

RallySport Direct carries over 45 drain plugs for many makes and models and from many different brands and styles. With that said, if you happen to have lost or misplaced your drain plug in the middle of an oil change then it's no big deal other than the down time. But this could also be a great opportunity to upgrade as many of the drain plugs we carry are magnetic and help trap harmful metallic elements floating around in your oil.  RallySport Direct carries over 10 major labels which include Dimple, Project Mu, Greddy, Kics, Fumoto, Mishimoto, and Subaru OEM just to name a few. Aside from the magnetic style drain plug, you can choose the Fumoto drain plug that has the drain valve built into the design to allow for quick and easy oil changes. Or you can choose from the ever popular Dimple \Magnetic Drain Plugs which capture harmful metallic elements within the oil system to prolong the life of your engine. Or if you want to keep them OEM, then you can simply get a Subaru OEM drain plug for choice Subaru models.  Make sure when shopping for a proper drain plug, that you check out our great selection of oil filters, as well as engine oil to complete your next oil change. 

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