If you haven't been there, you will. At some point throughout your career as a car person, you're going to participate in an autocross. Maybe you'll get invited with some friends to go drive go-carts. For whatever form of motorsport, you're going to have to wear a helmet. Now when one starts to research helmets for automotive racing applications, they can be somewhat a challenge to find. that's why you will see many resorting to motorcycle, or even motocross style helmets for a track day. And if you don't have a helmet, then tracks will charge an arm and a leg just to briefly rent a helmet, and then you have to worry about whether or not if it's clean, etc. Choose from quality brands such as HJC, and Sparco. Also there are helmet accessories such as replacement shields and carrying bags. Make sure when shopping for a helmet, that you check out our great selection of Racing Suits, and gloves

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