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Steering Wheel Quick Releases

You've been driving hard now for the last 15 laps. You're tired, fuel is low, and your team is eagerly awaiting for you in the pits. Just before you exit, you go through the mental exercises of exiting the vehicle. Step one, unlock the cam buckle on your harness. Step 2, pull the quick release of the steering wheel and step 3, jump out as quickly as possible. As you make your exit you keep one hand on the cam buckle as you stop. Time in winding down as you hurry to unlock your harness, undo the steering wheel from the quick release, and climb out from the roll cage. When reality hits, you find yourself at the grocery store parking lot getting that honey butter your wife wanted. RallySport Direct carries a great selection of Steering Wheel Quick Release hubs for drivers that have vehicles equipped with a roll cage and a racing seat where room is limited when exiting a vehicle. You can choose from such brands as Sparco, as well as Splash. And depending on your local state guidelines, steering wheel quick release hubs are a great way to hinder thieving eyes on your vehicle. You have the option of a weld-on style quick release hub, as well as a bolt-on kit.  And if you are trying to decide on the right steering wheel, RallySport Direct carries a great selection. Also RallySport Direct carries a great selection of steering wheel components for those of you who want to add a horn to your system. 

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