Wheel Spacers

Do you want to make your wheels more flush with your fenders? Or did you buy a set of wheels not knowing much about offset and now they rub your brake calipers? Don't worry as RallySport Direct now carries a great selection of wheel spacers. We carry wheel spacers from the likes of KICS, PERRIN, and Wheelmate. You can choose from a universal style wheel spacer, or you can choose from a 5X100, or a 5X114.3 bolt pattern. And you can choose wheel spacers from as little as 5MM, to as large as 30MM. And some of these wheel spacers will come provided with studs, and lug nuts.  Make sure when shopping for new wheel spacers, that you check out our large selection of lug nuts, and wheel studs. And if you're still not happy with the look, then check out our selection of wheels to set off the look of your vehicle.   

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