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Lug Nuts

Let's say you've worked super hard, and finally earned enough money to acquire your set of dream wheels. They could be Volks, SSR's, or whatever brand. But what do you do next? You invest in a quality set of lug nuts. Why ? For many reasons. What if those wheels you just got have a smaller bore hole for your factory nuts? Or what if you can't fit the lug socket inside the wheel hole? What if you come outside after a date and find your car sitting on cinder blocks? There are many possibilities, but no matter how you slice it, wheels are an expensive investment for your vehicle. And at RallySport Direct, we carry all the lug nuts. If you just spent a small fortune on a set of forged wheels and you're the OCD type that does not want the slightest of scratches during installation, you choose the Kics R40 because of the swivel bevel. Don't want your wheels stolen? Get the Volk Racing 2-Piece Double Locking Nuts. Got extended wheel studs? Get the open-ended lug nuts. Or if you want a cost effective replacement, then you will be happy to choose from a wide selection of Muteki lug nuts. We also carry a great selection of quality lug nuts from Gorilla, Greddy, Mcgard, and SSR. Make sure if you broke a wheel stud, to check out our great selection of factory or aftermarket wheel studs. While you're at it, you may find yourself a new set of aftermarket wheels

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