Light / Paint Protection

The car can be the prize possession, especially for car enthusiasts. We try to park away from everyone, we spend countless hours detailing the paint and making sure the lights don't fog up. A small part of us dies every time we discover a new scratch or rock chip. Now, we can start doing something about it. RallySport Direct carries a great selection of Light and Paint Protection products to shield your lights and your paint from harmful road elements such as pebbles, salt, mud, and gravel trucks. We carry a great selection of both light and paint protection products from the likes of Lamin-X and Rigid. You can choose from paint and light protection films to LED lighting covers. There is lighting film already cut to fit the contours of your headlights as well as choice body panels.  While shopping for Light and Paint Protection products, add a little more protection to the exterior of your vehicle with our great selection of Mud Flaps, Skid Plates, and Touch Up Paint.   

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