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When it comes to lighting, this is a component that has drastically accelerated in technology in the last decade. It all started in the early 90s when the BMW 7-series introduced another level of luxury by presenting the first vehicle to incorporate High-Intensity Discharge headlights. These were very fascinating during the time as they emitted a strong beam of light whRead More

When it comes to lighting, this is a component that has drastically accelerated in technology in the last decade. It all started in the early 90s when the BMW 7-series introduced another level of luxury by presenting the first vehicle to incorporate High-Intensity Discharge headlights. These were very fascinating during the time as they emitted a strong beam of light when compared to standard halogen bulbs, and created a bright white with a purple or blue lighting temperature. This technology was incredibly expensive to produce, and it was highly exclusive at the time, and you started seeing manufacturers such as Lexus use the same technology shortly after with a more purple high-intensity discharge headlight. Lexus was the first manufacturer who introduced LED lighting in their LS-series sedans dating back to as early as 2004. The main purpose was to drastically increase the lighting surface coverage which was highly effective throughout all weather conditions, without the risk of blinding other drivers that opt for their high beams in darker or harsher weather conditions. More than 30 years later, HID lighting technology and LED lighting technology have proven to be very popular, highly effective, and very available for most makes and models. However, there are some drawbacks as there are mass-produced cheap kits available with improper installation techniques where users do not adjust the beam of lights to point lower on lifted vehicles, and not properly checking to see if they have a consistent beam of light. When you install LED or HID kits, make sure you park in front of a garage door or wall and make sure your beam of light is not pointing too high as LED lights are also blinding other drivers on the road with improper adjustment techniques. Let's not ruin this amazing exterior option we have available with irresponsible installation methods, take the extra few minutes to make sure you're not blinding other surrounding drivers. 


HEADLIGHTS: As cars become newer, so does the lighting technology. Fortunately, we have the same technology available for our older makes and models, including several Subaru variants. In the headlight section, you can find a large variety of modern designs that provide the exterior of your Subaru with the latest looks with a more powerful beam of LED lighting. From lights with integrated daytime running lights, sequential turn signal functions, and built-in projectors, we have options that will greatly improve the lighting visibility for the driver while providing the exterior with a unique look. Choose from many established brands that offer an excellent plug-and-play option for your vehicle. 


FOG LIGHTS: Like headlights, many amazing variants and options are available for your vehicle. You can find OEM-like replacements and replacement housings, and you can upgrade to a brighter LED option that is also available in different color temperatures to improve your overall lighting surface coverage. Fog lights are a great option during harsh weather conditions where it can be difficult to see the lines on the roadways, and fog lights are highly effective during really dark conditions, and as the name suggests, fog. You will find replacement bezels, replacement lenses, replacement housings, and complete fog light kits to supplement the overall lighting power to the front of your vehicle. 


TAIL LIGHTS: Like headlights, we have a great selection of tail lights to further customize your vehicle the way you want to. What is really popular among newer exotic vehicles, are integrated C-lights. These are now available in some tail light options for several Subaru models. The biggest upgrade will be LED lighting technology that will provide a much more powerful beam of light during braking. It can be incredibly dangerous if you have a dull beam of brake lights and others cannot distinguish between your brake lights and parking lights. Other options include the likes of sequential turn signals and hyper-blinking. You can choose from different lens options in terms of color, you can choose from different housing colors, as well as different light bar colors. All of these are also available in different combinations. A great exterior upgrade that will enhance the overall theme of your vehicle.


REPLACEMENT BULBS: There are some of you who want to keep things factory and original with your vehicle, and that is completely fine, we have those options. One of the main reasons enthusiasts opt for an LED or HID option is that LED lighting technology consumes less energy when compared to a standard halogen bulb, while producing almost twice or if not more lighting power depending on the bulb. We have all of the options in several different bulb sizes for your applications. Many of these are plug-and-play, and some may need slight modification for fitment but certainly worth the effort when completed. You will see very established aftermarket lighting brands such as Diode Dynamics, Morimoto, and PIAA just to name a few, to replace any bulb in your headlights, fog lights, or a variety of bulbs that are available for your interior. 


AUXILIARY LIGHTING: For those with a rally build, or an overlander build, you will certainly have some sort of auxiliary lighting option on the exterior of your vehicle. In this section, you will find light bars, spot lights, and driving light kits. These will have the option of different beam variants from flood, spot, and wide-angle light beams. The main purpose of these lights is to drastically increase your lighting power when driving off-road where lighting is limited to non-existent, and you need the lighting power to see what is in front of you while staying on the trail and avoiding harmful debris. We carry options that will directly install on some Subaru models, and we have several aftermarket add-on options for those of you who simply want to increase your overall lighting power. Note that the majority of the auxiliary lighting options provide a very powerful beam of light, and should only be used responsibly and not in everyday traffic as the majority of these lighting options light high on your vehicle, and will make the visibility of other drivers in front of you very difficult. 


HID LIGHT KITS: This is a great option for enthusiasts who want a direct plug-and-play option and don't want to add more modify projectors, lighting housings, or entire headlight housings. HID kits will include everything needed to replace your standard halogen bulbs with direct replacement HID bulbs available in many different temperature colors, lighting ballasts, and all of the required lighting. HID kits generate a high-intensity beam of light that greatly increases the lighting coverage while providing your vehicle with the same technology utilized in many luxury and exotic vehicles. 


AUXILIARY BRAKE LIGHTING: This is a great option for those who want to add more style, customization, lighting power, and utility to the rear lighting of your vehicle. We carry many unique options that can combine brake lighting, reverse lighting, and fog lighting all in one package. We also carry different color combinations that will satisfy the overall exterior theme of your vehicle, while providing a race-inspired F1 look. All of the options we carry are brought to you by the most established brands in the automotive aftermarket, and these are available for the majority of desired Subaru models. 


LIGHT BARS / MOUNTING: Another growing popular upgrade especially for those of you building an overlander or off-road inspired vehicle. Light bars add more protection to the front of your vehicle from brush, debris from the trail, or if you simply want to make your vehicle look like another character in the movie, Mad Max. You can choose from a great variety of light bars, as well as the lights that have been designed to work with these light bars. A great option that adds a rugged off-road look that will look amazing on your lowered, stock-height, or lifted vehicle. 


In conclusion, lighting mods are very popular among Subaru enthusiasts, and in the car culture as a whole. LED lighting mods are relatively affordable, provide the exterior of your vehicle with modern looks, and provide better lighting visibility in the dark, and LED lighting consumes less energy when compared to standard bulbs. But be responsible with your lighting upgrades. Make sure your headlights are properly aligned so you're not blinding oncoming traffic, as LED lighting is much brighter than your regular halogen bulbs.