Here at RallySport Direct, we have all of the hoods. All of them. We'd like to share them with you too so that you can save weight and improve the looks of your vehicle. Some believe that your factory hood serves more than a few purposes other than covering your engine and completing the look of your vehicle. In some areas, people use hoods as shields against natural disasters such as tornadoes while others in other parts of the world use hoods to provide shelter.  But when you're trying to shave a few seconds off your next lap, then a carbon fiber hood just might help. Carbon fiber hoods are lightweight, and some have been designed with extra vents to provide additional cooling to your engine. We carry many great examples from one of the leading brands in carbon fiber technology which is Seibon. We carry many different options and designs for many makes and models which include the Mitsubishi Evolution, the Nissan GTR, as well as the Subaru STI.  Make sure when shopping for a new hood, that you look at our other body parts which include Hood Scoops, Fenders, and even Doors!

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