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When looking at a race car, what is it that arrests your attention? What is it about a race car that keeps your eyes glued to it? For one, you'll hardly ever see a sanctioned race car on public streets. But it's wild, it is a giant version of a toy you may have had as a kid. You want to play with it, you want to hear it, you want to control it, you want to be a Read More

When looking at a race car, what is it that arrests your attention? What is it about a race car that keeps your eyes glued to it? For one, you'll hardly ever see a sanctioned race car on public streets. But it's wild, it is a giant version of a toy you may have had as a kid. You want to play with it, you want to hear it, you want to control it, you want to be a race car driver. 


This is the aero section. Where decades and decades of race car research and development have created these preposterous body panels to keep the car from flying off the road. Literally. Although some race car drivers try to defy the laws of physics, we simply cannot with 4 tires planted on the ground traveling at speeds where your skill level will be the most important. The faster we go, the more planted the car needs to be. More downforce means more control of the vehicle during high-speed corners and especially high-speed straights.


What makes aerodynamics so crucial to the overall success and function of a race car? There are several factors. Excluding actual purpose-built race cars such as Formula Indy cars which are all aero engineered, we are talking about production vehicles that win championship races. How does aero help these cars win races? For example, the Subaru WRX is very boxy when compared to something that is low and cuts through the wind such as a Lamborghini Huracan or something relatively exotic. An extreme example, but the WRX has the coefficiency drag of a large toaster oven. You take a Subaru WRX and add performance mods for a sanctioned weekend race at your local track such as a road course or a standing mile event. As you get to higher speeds, air will get beneath the vehicle causing the chassis to lift and cause high-speed instability. Many of us have seen videos on Youtube of that Porsche or Mercedes race car coming down the straight at Le Mans, and the car will all of a sudden do a backflip at 180+ mph. Now you're not going to backflip your WRX on a straightaway as it is too heavy, but these examples display the importance of downforce at higher speeds. 


CANARDS: Canards, also referred to as dive planes will attach to the front bumper of your vehicle. This provides more downforce to the front end of your vehicle with more high-speed stability. These will usually come in a pair for each side, however, there are some models that have larger front bumpers with more surface area to cover. Some canard sets will be sold as a set of (4), and you would install (2) canards per side for a stronger effect. We have options made in carbon fiber or strong FRP construction to provide more refinement during higher speeds in your race car or rally car, and they will add a race-inspired look to your daily driver or weekend show car. 


DIFFUSERS: Some of us have been to a car show or may have seen these on a vehicle while on the road. What are those aggressive fin-looking things at the bottom of the rear bumper and what do they do? These are called diffusers. And here is a cosplay scientific explanation of the function of these. At higher speeds when you are blasting down a straight section at your local road course or passing the 330' mark at your drag strip, wind, and turbulent air is making a riot under your vehicle. Diffusers will guide that turbulent air under your vehicle to provide an efficient exit point and sport the air out of the rear. As the air gets channeled to the rear in a vacuum-like effect, the chassis will get pulled closer to the ground ultimately, creating more downforce. This is why you will see these in really aggressive designs in time-attack vehicles as aerodynamic function is highly utilized in this form of racing. We carry selections that are subtle and less aggressive. Just like the OEM unit that came in some STI models, we also carry muti-piece units that serve a purpose for those who are competitive.


VORTEX GENERATORS: Found in the same section as diffusers, but these deserve their own explanation. You may have seen on the Mitsubishi Evolution 9 models, these are the little fins that run across the rear roof line. And on the 06 STI models, these will appear as a roofline spoiler. Additionally, these are widely available on the aftermarket as they can be seen on many vehicles as an accessory. But they actually serve an aerodynamic purpose. What do the Mitsubishi Evolution and the Subaru STI have in common? That's right they both have a larger rear spoiler. The rear vortex generator has been designed to help control the air flowing over the roofline so that it makes more efficient contact with the top of the rear spoiler. Ultimately, this will generate more downforce. So if your vehicle is equipped with a factory rear spoiler, then the vortex generator will help increase the downforce at higher speeds. Because of these reasons, all of the vortex generators we carry are application-specific. 


FRONT WIND SPLITTERS: What makes a race car so attractive? You don't have to be a car enthusiast to see one in person and just stare at every angle as it simply won't let go of your eyes. Race cars are engineered to be as functional as possible to win at any cost within regulation. Because they travel at such high speeds and try to defy the laws of physics as a few drivers have only accomplished - Ayrton Senna being one of them, these driving techniques could not be accomplished without downforce. Downforce creates more control at higher speeds, and one of those main components of downforce is the front wind splitter. Virtually every race car will have some sort of front wind splitter incorporated into the design. Front wind splitters push the front nose down while reducing lift at higher speeds. If your race car is flying down the straightaway, and the rear wing or front wind splitter breaks off for whatever reason, the car would more than likely lose control. With that being said, these will offer more function than form, but they really do look good, and this is why they are very popular in car culture. Front wind splitters offer race-inspired looks and bring the appearance of the front of your vehicle closer to the ground if you want that aggressive look. We only carry the most trusted brands in the industry and many of which are crafted from carbon fiber. A household item on any enthusiast's daily driver, weekend show car, purpose-built race car, or rally car. 


SPOILER AND WING ACCESSORIES: If you need to enhance your rear spoiler or need replacement parts, this is the section. For example, we carry gurney flaps that really enhance the rear spoiler on the STI and that little piece alone makes a massive difference. It's the subtle enhancement that really changes the dynamic of this rear spoiler and gives it a real exclusive look. You also can find other items such as wing stiffeners that do as they are described, they stiffen the center blade so that it does not bow during higher speeds. Several great options for those of you who want to maximize the performance of your rear spoiler without resorting to a larger aftermarket option. 


All of the aero components that we offer serve a purpose and will provide your vehicle with more control and stability at higher speeds. However, if you never plan on setting foot at a race track and just want the look, that's completely fine. After all, many of these components are found on race cars and will provide the exterior of your daily driver or weekend show car with that desirable aggressive appeal. Note that all of the components have been engineered with quality and durability in mind as race cars need to survive such arduous conditions when blasting down a straightaway wheel to wheel and inches away from other competitors. All of these will add more aerodynamic refinement to your chassis for the ride to work, or at the weekend track day.