2008 Subaru Legacy GT spec.B 2.5

Wastegate Brackets

For those of you have converted to an external wastegate setup, or are planning to in the future, then you will need a wastegate bracket. How will wastegate brackets make your life easier? Well, at one time users who converted to an external wastegate setup would have to weld their wastegate doors shut. This was a risky, and messy process where fragments of the weld would somehow get lodged into the turbo causing a catastrophic break. All of this hassle can be avoided with an addition of a simple wastegate bracket. These brackets can take 10 minutes or less to install, and the good thing is that you can revert back to stock if you desired to. We carry great brands such as COBB Tuning, and Grimmspeed. Want to convert to an external setup in the Subaru WRX STI? Choose the COBB Tuning Adjustable Turbo Wastegate Bracket. Or of you have a universal application, you can choose the Grimmspeed Universal Wastegate Bracket.  Make sure when shopping for a wastegate bracket, that you have a look at wastegate block off plates, wastegate springs, and boost control solenoids

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