Wastegate Actuators

If your factory wastegate has been giving you trouble, don't panic. RallySport Direct carries a great selection of wastegate actuators to get you boosting properly again. So what happens when your factory actuator fails? For one, if the pressure is leaking through the diaphragm then the wastegate won't fully open which will prevent you from hitting your target boost numbers. If your wastegate doesn't open at all, then you will be making all the boost, and your motor certainly won't appreciate it. At RallySport Direct, we carry a great selection of Turbosmart Internal Wastegate Actuators that come with various spring sizes to allow users to hit or exceed their factory boost target numbers. These wastegate actuators can work with the factory turbocharger, or aftermarket turbochargers. Want to increase the spool on the Ford Focus RS? Get the Turbosmart Internal Wastegate 12 PSI. Want to hit more boost in the Mitsubishi Evolution? Get the Turbosmart Internal Wastegate 10 PSI.  Make sure when shopping for wastegate actuators, that your turbocharger is up to speed. And make sure you have a properly working blow off valve to relieve the pressure. 

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