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Blow Off Valves

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Aside from the technicalities of relieving the intake system of excessive boost pressure when your throttle body closes to reduce compressor surge which can hurt your turbo, all we care about are the cool noises. Here, you can find all the cool noises. After all, it's one of the fun factors when driving a tRead More



Aside from the technicalities of relieving the intake system of excessive boost pressure when your throttle body closes to reduce compressor surge which can hurt your turbo, all we care about are the cool noises. Here, you can find all the cool noises. After all, it's one of the fun factors when driving a turbocharged vehicle. You can find the infamous bird chirper known as the HKS SSQ, you can find the turkey gobbler also known as the Tial Q, the raging sneezer known as the TurboSmart Dual Port, and the belching drunkard found in any alleyway on a Friday night. We have literal pages of options to suit your performance and sound needs. Vent to the atmosphere blow-off valves will be the loudest, but in some applications will require a tune to keep your ECU from throwing codes or prevent the car from running rich. We have recirculating options that are quiet and will work just like your factory setup and will recirculate back into your intake. And we have hybrid options which will allow the user to adjust the sound accordingly. On a serious note, however, all of the aftermarket options that we carry will feature stronger springs, and some have adjustable spring options. Because after age and mileage your factory blow-off valve, bypass valve, dump valve, or whatever technical term you choose, will become weak and you will not be hitting target boost numbers. When you have a boost leak, sometimes the turbo will work harder to create more boost to compensate for the loss of boost which can cause premature wear if not addressed in a timely manner. Because of these reasons, blow-off valves serve as performance-supporting modifications other than making intoxicating noises. 




With the amount of aftermarket blow-off valve options that we have available from the likes of Tial, Go Fast Bits, and Turbosmart, you have a variety of blow-off valve springs to choose from. You can choose from soft to stiff spring rates, and this is why you need to have the appropriate spring rate. If you are running a stock turbocharger with stock boost levels, then it would not make sense to have an aftermarket blow-off valve with a stiff spring as it would not open to relieve boost between shifts. This could result in compressor surge issues as the pressure that would otherwise be relieved out of your factory bypass valve or an aftermarket blow-off valve with a proper spring would push the pressure back through the compressor side of the turbocharger. Now if you are running larger boost levels or have a larger turbocharger that moves more air, a softer spring could leak boost under load not allowing you to hit your proper boost targets.

Now generally, when purchasing an aftermarket blow-off valve, the included spring is a good medium to hold higher boost levels, while properly relieving boost at lower levels. And back in the day for some of us that made big power in the late 90s to early 2000s, we would result to installing an additional blow-off valve. Now that the majority of aftermarket options are serviceable in terms of replacing seals or pistons in some cases, you can now upgrade or downgrade the blow-off valve spring to suit your power levels. 


This is where you will find all of the components to either recirculate, block or get replacement recirculation kits for your blow-off valve. Now we all love blow-off valves because of the unique sound that they make. However, there are some of you who need the performance out of an aftermarket blow-off valve in terms of holding boost when you make more power that surpasses the limits of your factory diverter valve. But you may not like the attention that aftermarket blow-off valves make so you choose to keep them recirculated. And then there is the rest of us who are loud and proud and want to annoy everyone else on the road with all of the blow-off valve noises. 

Here, you will find all of the components to make that possible. You will find hose plugs in a variety of different sizes to accommodate your setup, and there are some hose kits that will work with specific aftermarket blow-off valves. All of these components are brought to you by some of the most established brands in the aftermarket industry that include but not limited to Turbosmart, HKS, ATP Turbo, and others to make your blow-off vale silent or louder. 


BLOW-OFF VALVE FLANGES: These are available for those of you who may have got an aftermarket front mount intercooler kit where you need to weld or adapt your blow-off valve into your new kit. And this is the place where you can find other components such as blow-off valve kits that include an aluminum pipe for certain makes and models. Now the majority of these flanges are Subaru OEM-like and are ideal for those of you who want to re-use your OEM unit or an aftermarket unit with the OEM-like flange. And many of these are going to be aluminum so that you can have your fabricator weld these to your respective pipe or intercooler. We also have blow-off valve flanges for certain blow-off valves such as Tial units as well as HKS examples to allow you to properly adapt these valves to your application. Here are other blow-off valve components you may be interested in to complete your setup.



Here you are going to find the odds and ends that are crucial to the overall function of your blow-off valve. For example, if you have a leaky rubber O-ring on your Tial or HKS flange, you will leak boost. Leaking boost means you are leaking power. Or, you may have misplaced that specific C-clip that is needed with all HKS blow-off valves and it is something that you can't match at your local hardware store or auto parts store. You can also find adapters for the Ecoboost platform that blocks off the flange on the turbo when you get an aftermarket piping kit or intercooler setup. All of the odds and ends are here to service the aftermarket setup on your Subaru WRX or STI, as well as your Ford Focus ST, RS, or Mustang Ecoboost. All of the available components are brought to you by the most established brands in the industry and are available if you can't reach anyone directly at the manufacturer.