2008 Nissan 350Z Enthusiast 3.5
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Oil Control Devices

RallySport Direct carries a great selection of oil control devices to make sure your internal components stay lubricate under high performance driving situations. For example, vehicles that race in certain tracks can lose their motors on high oval banks or high-speed corners that shift the oil on one side of the engine which can starve internal components of lubrication at high-RPM instances. Because the Subaru has a boxer engine, this may be a more prevalent issue when compared to other designs. However, all engines of all makes and models participating in motorsport are not exempt from this issue, therefore, aftermarket companies have developed oil control devices to help supplement oil, or at least keep it relatively in one spot while racing. Here, you will find many great options from great companies that include the likes of Cosworth, Killer B Motorsport, Tomei, Moroso, and Subaru OEM. You can find anything from upgraded oil baffles, upgraded oil pickups, oil control valves, and OEM products in case those of you with a WRX want to upgrade to the STI oil pan and pickup. Any of these products are a sound investment whether if you race your car, or enjoy spirited driving on your own time. These products promote longevity of your internal components and keep your power levels consistent.  While shopping for oil control devices, make sure you check out our large selection of air oil separators, oil pans, and catch cans

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