Valve Springs

RallySport Direct carries a massive selection of valve springs to help you with your latest motor build. Upgraded valve springs are essential to making big horsepower because, with an aggressive cam setup, you will need the upgraded springs to handle the revving. We carry a great selection of valve springs for many makes and models brought to you my many great companies that include Cosworth, Brian Crower, GSC PowerDivision, Tomei, and Manley Performance. You can choose from single spring and titanium retainer kits, you can choose from high RPM valve springs, as well as high-rpm dual valve spring setups.  And if you need more than just a set of valve springs, nake sure you check out our great selection of valves, and valvetrain components when rebuilding or maintaining your head. Don't forget to choose the right camshaft to add more mid range power to your engine setup. 

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